How to Use Selenite Crystals for their Healing Properties

The use of crystals has become increasingly popular, as more and more people have started using them in different ways to reap the positive benefits and properties. (Plus, crystals are pretty, so no wonder more and more people are getting into them!) 

Out of all crystals, one of the recent favorites is Selenite, which is not only beautiful but highly beneficial thanks to its many different properties. Some of the most notable properties are all the healing benefits Selenite can provide, which is what makes this crystal an absolute must in people’s crystal collection. 

But what exactly is Selenite, and how do you use it? What are the exact healing properties, and are there certain rules or methods for getting these benefits? Let’s take a dive into everything you need to know about using this crystal and reaping the health benefits for your wellbeing. 

What is Selenite Crystal?

Let’s start off by explaining what Selenite Crystal is, and why people love it so much. 

The name Selenite actually comes from the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. But the spiritual meaning of the crystal correlates to rejuvenation, divine feminine energy, and the angelic realms. 

In fact, Selenite is considered to be one of the most sacred crystals throughout history, as it represents light, spiritual purity, and a connection to the angelic realms and beings. 

With the translucent white appearance that the crystal has, it is easy to see it as an ethereal and powerful beacon of energy. On top of this, Selenite crystals never need to be recharged, which is what makes them such an essential tool within your crystal kit. No matter how many times you use your Selenite, it will not dull, and it will keep on working with the same amount of energy and power. This is also why Selenite is often used to recharge not only yourself but other crystals that you might own. 

The Selenite crystal is also associated with the crown chakra, which is the most spiritual of all seven chakras. This chakra is located above the crown of the head, and it is often referred to as the bridge to the cosmos. It is essentially your center of spirit, your universal consciousness, your connection to higher guidance, and your enlightenment for true wisdom. 

This is why Selenite crystals are often used to wash away negativity and impurities of the mind, to remove mental blockages or memories that are holding you back in life. 

So…overall, Selenite is a hugely powerful crystal that brings light and spirituality, as well as being a constant source of energy that does not need recharging. 

What is Selenite good for?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what Selenite is, and why it is so important and powerful, it’s time to look deeper into what it is good for. Or in other words, the way in which Selenite can be used in order to be beneficial. 

Here are some of the main ways in which you can use Selenite crystals:

To recharge yourself and your other crystals:

Selenite is a powerful source of energy that does not dissipate or falter in the slightest. You can use it over and over again, and the energy is just as powerful. This is why it is commonly used as a source of energy to recharge your own levels and those of your other crystals. 

To meditate and open up channels of communication with angelic realms and higher guidance:

Selenite provides a powerful connection to angelic realms and the cosmos, and it is able to act as a bridge so that you connect with higher guidance. This is why selenite is a powerful tool in meditation sessions and spiritual needs. 

To realign all of your chakras:

Selenite crystals are associated with the crown chakra, the most spiritual chakra of all. Through the crown, selenite can help realign all of your chakras, so that your energy flow is re-shifted and re-directed for balance and wellbeing. 

To dispel negative energy:

Selenite is a beacon of light and divine energy. It is very useful in dispelling negative energies, and as such, it can be used to cleanse a room or home and can be positioned in a workplace to ensure there is a positive ambiance. 

To remove painful memories and emotions, or to remove a mind block: 

If you are dealing with trauma or a painful past, selenite can help overcome those emotions, shedding light on the darkness and pain within you so that you are able to move forward. It can also remove mental blocks that are stopping you from advancing in life or being successful. 

To bring balance, light, and protection: 

Selenite is incredibly sacred and powerful, and it is a constant beacon of purity and light. It can be placed nearby to provide an aura of light, balance, and protection, where no negative energies will reach you. 

For its healing properties:

Selenite crystals can also provide many different healing properties that can be very beneficial. But we will take a more in-depth look at that in the next section! 

Healing properties of Selenite crystals:

Selenite is very well-known for its powerful healing properties, and if used right, it can help alleviate many different types of ailments, so that you can be healthy and happy. 

Here are the main healing properties Selenite can provide:

Physical healing properties:

Selenite is associated with the crown chakra, and from there it works through all the chakra points of your body. It is therefore able to have a physical effect on your skeletal system and spine, helping with how it moves and functions. 

And as Selenite is deeply linked to the divine feminine, it brings rejuvenation and healing on a deeper level. 

  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Corrections to your spine and other skeletal issues
  • Strengthening of the skeletal system
  • Reverses damage in cell structure
  • Enhances youth in your appearance

Mental and emotional healing properties:

Selenite crystals are very useful when it comes to healing emotions and mental afflictions, as they are intrinsically in tune with different energy flows, and they are able to dispel any negativity, replacing it with light, purity, and divine power. 

Think of Selenite as the light in the darkness, able to guide you and cleanse you, much like the moon in the night sky. 

  • Helps work through past trauma and pain
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts
  • Helps remove mental blocks 
  • Brings lightness and positivity to the mind 
  • Helps align the mind and emotions for overall balance and wellbeing

Metaphysical healing properties:

Selenite is an intricately angelic crystal, so it is truly powerful when it comes to healing metaphysical aspects. It is able to shift and realign different energy flows, and it is also able to open up connections between yourself and the cosmos, reaching angelic realms in order to communicate with beings that can guide you. 

If you are feeling off, or like you’re closed off from the universe around you, then Selenite can be a great way to repair your relationship with the surrounding world and cosmos, as well as repairing your own connection to your subconscious. 

  • Enhances the flow of energy
  • Allows you to receive guidance 
  • Helps align your conscious and subconscious