The Right Way to Cleanse your Crystals (and why you should)

There are many different ways that you can cleanse your crystals. There is no single right way to do this. Every person will have a different method that resonates most with them and they feel works best. 

Not all crystals are created equally. Some cannot get wet while others cannot be near to salt. It is important to do your research properly before you cleanse new crystals to ensure you do not damage them. 

You should cleanse your crystals when you first purchase them. You should also cleanse and recharge your crystals after someone else has touched them, or you have used them. At a minimum you should cleanse your crystals at least once per month. 

Why is it important to cleanse your crystals?

The significance and impact of crystals is closely linked to their vibrational energies. These vibrations can be used to help with healing and to manifest life changes. Your crystals can absorb energy from your surroundings, which will often include negativity. Cleansing crystals helps to remove this negative energy and refill the crystals with positive energy. 

How to cleanse your crystals


Water has a very calming effect and can be used as a very effective method for cleansing your crystals. You should be aware that not all crystals can hold up to being submerged in water, so do your best to research first. 

If there is rain falling outside, place your crystals on the ground for at least 5 minutes. Alternatively, fill a glass bowl with water from your faucet and place your crystals inside. Leave them to sit here for 24 hours before removing them. 

If you need a faster cleansing option, we advise holding your crystals under running water for a minute per stone. 

Sunlight or moonlight

These will both cleanse and charge your crystals. The sun’s energy is a yang form, balancing out the natural yin energy of the crystal. The moon is more of a calming energy and will help to ground you. 

Many people like to charge their crystals during a full moon. This is when the moon is most powerful and it represents new beginnings. This is particularly effective if you are looking to inspire a large change in your life. 

Other crystals

Clear quartz and selenite have long been known as cleansing crystals. Many reputable crystal stores sell selenite cleaning bowls for this purpose. Alternatively, you can place a piece of clear quartz or selenite in with your other crystals. 


Smudging in many ways is a closed practice. This means that it is a historical method of cleansing and working with the earth that has real cultural significance. Many people have heard of the cleansing power of white sage or Palo Santo. We do not advise using these resources unless the practise has been passed down to you. 

An open practise is the art of smudging using incense. The smoke from incense helps to divert and carry negative energies away from your crystals, cleaning them. We recommend using sandalwood as a preference, but any incense will work. Other good ideas are sweetgrass and cedarwood. 

You should rotate your incense smoke counterclockwise around your crystals for about 30 seconds to remove any negative energies. Once it feels as though the negative energies are gone, rotate the incense clockwise around the crystals as you set your intentions. 

The Earth

This method works on the principle that crystals came from nature, therefore nature can cleanse them. It is a very effective cleansing method that is often used to remove large quantities of negative energies. 

Dig a small hole in the Earth. We advise doing this in your backyard to prevent your crystals from getting lost. Place your crystals a few inches deep into the hole. Cover with a layer of earth and mark the spot. Allow your crystals to rest here for 24 to 72 hours. 


Take great care if you opt to use this cleansing method. Fire will immediately burn off any negative energy, making cleansing super fast. You need to hold the crystals in the flame for a few seconds, which can be dangerous. Take great care to not burn yourself if you choose to use this cleansing method.

Salt water

Historically, salt has always been used as a cleansing and purifying energy. This is also true for crystals. To use this method, you must first ensure your crystals are water and salt safe. 

Make a large glass bowl full of salted water. Flaky sea salt will always be best, but any will work. If you are close to the beach, seawater is a highly effective cleanser. Submerge your crystals in the water and allow them to sit there for 24 hours. Rinse clean with fresh water afterwards to remove any salt residue. 


Also sometimes referred to as visualization, this is an alternative way to cleanse your crystals. Sit in a comfortable position, and hold the crystals you wish to cleanse.

Ground and center your energy, then visualize a healing white light radiating from your crystal and encasing your entire body. Feel the light growing stronger as you picture the negative energy leaving your crystal. You will feel a shift in the energy as the energy leaves.

Alternatively, you can use your breath to cleanse your crystals. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand and set your intention in your mind. Inhale deeply through your nose and bring your crystal close to your face. Exhale in short, sharp breaths through your nose. Do this for around 30 seconds per crystal to raise the vibrational energies. 

Brown rice

Rice is not just good for phones, it works for crystals too! This is particularly effective for crystals such as black tourmaline and others with strongly protective properties. Bury your crystals underneath the rice grains and leave to sit for 24 hours. The rice will absorb negative energies from the stone and should be discarded afterwards.