These Japanese Face Exercises Will Become Your Newest Obsession

There are so many hacks, techniques and skin care products that promise to provide younger looking skin these days. You may have already tried the gua sha, jade roller, eye creams, masks, oils and moisturizers that offer ‘botox-like’ effects, but to no avail. 

Well, if that is the case, then you need to try some Japanese face exercises. These facial exercises will help give you younger, fresher, and more rejuvenated skin, without the need for botox or surgery!

Now, you may think that what we are saying is crazy, but it is true. You can actually work out your face and use facial exercises to keep your skin in better shape, so that your face looks naturally tight, plump, lifted and glowy. With our guide, you can practice 10 face exercises to make you look younger, without splashing the cash on botox and fillers! What’s not to love? 

Why You Should Be Doing Face Exercises

There are a range of benefits to performing facial exercises. For instance, the face is made up of over 50 different muscles, some of which will be rarely utilized.

By doing facial exercises more frequently, you can increase the blood circulation into various areas of the face, replenishing the blood and oxygen supply in the skin and in those muscles. This will effectively give you a fresher face, with a healthy glow and bright complexion. 

Other benefits are the fact that facial exercises help to strengthen the muscles in the face, whilst tightening and firming up the skin on the face. In addition, you can reduce the appearance of lines, and wrinkles, whilst also increasing your circulation and releasing tension in the facial muscles.

In effect, performing facial exercises can therefore help tone, smoothen, strengthen and tighten the muscles and skin in the face. 

10 Face Exercises To Make You Look Younger Without Botox

Lip Sumo Exercise

For the first exercise, it involved the lips. All you have to do is press the upper and lower lips together to plump them up. This also helps to minimize lip lines and wrinkles. 

Cheek Lift

In order to lift the cheeks, you will need to pout with your lips, and then pull either side of your mouth with your index finger. Pull towards the cheek bones, and lift. Once lifted, keep this position for a few moments to train your cheek muscles, and give the cheek bones the appearance of being tight, lifted and plump. 

No More Turkey Neck

We all try to avoid sagging skin. Unfortunately as we age, the likelihood of skin sagging is far stronger. To minimize and reduce the sagging of the skin, you will want to throw your head back, extending the neck. This will tighten the skin in this area. You can also poke your tongue out and push it towards your nose as you extend the neck. This will pull the skin and reduce any sagging or lines in this area.

Banish Bulldog

To do this facial exercise, simply pull one side of your face taut back towards your earlobes, whilst twisting your mouth to the same side. Pull the face tightly in the same direction to prevent lines and lift the cheeks and jowls so that they are not prone to sagging. Repeat on both sides of the face. 

Iron Out Those Smile Lines

To do this one, you will need to use your tongue. Where the wrinkles appear around your mouth, use your tongue inside the mouth to push outwards, whilst you use your finger to massage the wrinkles and lines away. Move the tongue around the mouth (inside) to all areas above the lips and around the lower lip and chin, whilst you iron out the smile lines and wrinkles.  


To train your eye muscles, you have to keep on winking! Simply wink with one eye, hold the position, and then switch to the other eye. It can be hard to wink with just one eye at a time, and it will take practice. Simply work more on the weaker eye until you are able to fully engage the eye muscles, and wink effortlessly one at a time.

Designer Eye Bags

This is a facial exercise that will need a lot of practice. You have to sort of squint, until just the lower eyelid is moving. Once you have mastered this skill, you will need to do this every day to reduce the appearance of eyebags. 

No More Frown Lines

To reduce and eliminate your frown lines, you will need to use facial oil. Rub this into your forehead, or onto the back of your hand, and rub in circular motions to expel the lines. Rub gently back and forth along your brow bone and where the frown lines are for the best results. 

No More Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are an insecurity for many people. These are the little lines that spread out in the corners of your eyes. They develop when you make certain facial expressions as the muscles in your face contract. To avoid this, simply hold the skin on this part of your face, and gently use your knuckle to rub the lines out. Make sure that you use a facial oil for this one, and be very careful with the skin around your eyes as it can be delicate. 

No More Forehead Lines

To remove your forehead lines, simply pull the lines apart with both hands, stretching the skin outwards. Hold this position until you cannot visibly see the lines. Press and pull gently to remove the lines and create the appearance of younger, fresher skin.