What You Should Know About Phantom Quartz

What is phantom quartz? 

Phantom quartz is, as the name suggests, a type of quartz. Specifically, it is a type of rock quartz. What makes this type of quartz special is the fact that it forms over other Crystal and rock formations. 

The crystal is usually see-through or at least partly transparent, meaning you can see the crystals that it has formed over inside it. These are usually just outlines of crystals that can be seen very faintly. This is where the name ‘phantom’ quartz comes from – because the inside crystals look like faint phantoms. 

The reason phantom quartz crystals are clear is that they are actually a variety of clear quartz specifically, although a far rarer occurrence than the very common clear quartz! 

It has the same chemical properties and composition as a regular quartz crystal. By this, I mean that phantom quartz crystals are silicon dioxide, just like regular quartz crystals. The chemical element name for a quartz crystal is SiO2. 

Where does phantom quartz come from? 

The phantom quartz crystal can be found in a number of different countries and areas around the world. The most common places that are home to phantom quartz crystals are the United States, Madagascar, Austria, Brazil, and Switzerland. 

All of these countries seem vastly different, and so you may well be wondering what on earth they have in common for them all to be home to phantom quartz crystals.  

In truth, not much is known about phantoms in quartz and other crystals. The reason it occurs is that, at some point, crystal production abruptly stops. When the growth ceases, it eventually starts again, this time growing over the original crystal. 

This can happen over the course of thousands, if not millions of years! The crystallization process can take centuries, and so in a way, it is good to know that all that hard work doesn’t go to waste if the process stops abruptly. The original work of the crystals, if you will, is preserved forever by a new crystal formation. 

What is the meaning of phantom quartz? 

Phantom quartz crystal, as you know, grows over a dead crystal. The very creation of the phantom quartz crystal is so powerful. As such, its meaning is one of personal growth, and powering through trauma and negative experiences to become bigger and better than ever. 

The phantom quartz is the physical representation of the well-known adage “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. It inspires those who use it to harness the power of the universe, and the grounding, healing nature of the earth to regrow and work through your issues, whatever they may be. 

Some crystal experts have also likened the wondrous crystal to the psychological phenomenon known as post traumatic growth. This is because the crystal represents and encourages us to let go of traumas that have happened to us, and learn from them. The emphasis is on letting the soul move on and grow, even from traumatic experiences. 

With all this in mind, the phantom quartz crystal could also be seen to represent resilience, the art of not backing down, and not giving up, even when the going gets tough! It is certainly a crystal with a powerful meaning. 

The healing properties of phantom quartz 

There are a number of healing properties that you can gain from phantom quartz. As I mentioned in the previous section, it is an extremely powerful crystal that, in its very formation, has to regrow and rebuild itself. 

As such, one of the main healing properties of phantom quartz is that of growth. This may be spiritual growth, mental growth, or emotional growth. Using this crystal can provide you with a helping hand as your transition to the next stage of your life, growing as a person. 

As well as this, when we are on a journey of growth, no matter what that growth may be, it can be difficult to see we are even on that journey until we reach a new destination. 

As such, people often find that they need clarity following a journey of growth. As phantom quartz is very much like clear quartz, it can also be used to help you achieve clarity after a period of growth, especially spiritual or emotional growth. 

It is a stone of transition, and with this in mind, it can help make you feel calm and reassured in periods of transition in your life. It is a very important crystal to use during any big life changes such as going to college, beginning a new job, a marriage, or moving house. 

Similarly, you could even use it when things in your life are ending. For example, transitioning into single life following a break-up or divorce, or retiring and transitioning into retirement. 

You can even use the healing properties of phantom quartz when you want to instigate change or growth in your life. Keep on reading to the final section to find out how. 

How to use phantom quartz 

If you are using phantom quartz to help you cope with growth and transition that is already happening, you can simply keep a piece on you at all times, whether that be in some jewelry, or loose in your pocket. It can also be used in your home or office. 

However, you can also use phantom quartz as a way of instigating change and growth. If this is your desire, you should use phantom quartz for manifestation. 

To practice manifestation with phantom quartz, simply write down the change or growth you are trying to manifest. For example, if you want to get a new job, write that down on a piece of paper or your manifestation journal. 

You can then place a piece of phantom quartz on top of the writing to make the manifestation even more powerful. 

As well as this, you can use phantom quartz during meditation. Simply hold a piece of phantom quartz while you meditate, visualizing the growth or change you want to happen.