Conflicting Crystals: Which Crystals To Avoid Using Together

Crystals have become a popular type of alternative medicine, with many people believing that they help in healing, manifesting, and maintaining general wellbeing.

Conflicting Crystals: Which Crystals To Avoid Using Together

If you enjoy doing spiritual work with crystals, you will know that each crystal has its own metaphysical property, which helps to unblock your chakras (or energy points), for emotional wellbeing.

This energy healing can help you sleep better, feel less tired, be more patient, boost your mood, or calm anxiety.

There are some risks to using crystals though – at the end of the day, they’re not just pretty stones, but rather, chemical and mineral deposits manufactured by years of intense natural processes.

For example, many crystals (specifically those that register as five or below on the Mohs hardness scale, a test of geological hardness in relation to other crystals), will crack or dissolve in water, like fluorite, amber, and celestine.

Malachite, when combined with water, will create a solution so toxic that even just touching the water can be damaging. Although not exhaustive – a good rule of thumb to remember is that crystals that end in the ‘-ite’ suffix generally aren’t water-friendly.

Another dangerous situation you should avoid when using crystals is putting them directly in the sun. Rocks from the quartz family can become brittle and break, and many crystals lose their distinctive coloring.

Fluorite can even become too hot when left in full sun that it will scorch skin when picked up.

But dangers when using crystals don’t end with toxic water, cracked crystals, and fire – there can also be spiritual effects to using the wrong crystals in combination. This is because, in theory, some energies repel and some supplement each other.

In general, just make sure you do the research, so you know that the ritual you intend on doing with your crystals won’t cause any harm, whether physically or metaphysically.

This article will help you do that – by teaching you combinations of crystals that create bad energy and will do you more harm than good when used together.

Carnelian And Amethyst

Although these crystals are some of the most common and are often found on newbie crystal lovers’ shelves, they shouldn’t be used in combination with one another. This is because carnelian crystals elevate and boost energy, whereas amethysts have a calming effect.

These two opposing crystals will cancel each other out, sending a confusing energy message to the targeted chakra, and potentially doing you more harm than good.

This energy imbalance can result in you feeling uncomfortable or on edge, rather the calming and uplifting effect you are after.

Don’t use these crystals together, and when you do use them, set an intention during your ritual. For example, when using carnelian to boost energy and creativity, set the intention to paint or write, as it will supplement the energy of the crystal.

When meditation, or practicing calming yoga asanas, like savasana, have an amethyst crystal nearby to calm and wind down.

Clear Quartz And Blue Stones

This particular combination might not help if you’re feeling depressed or down. All blue crystals have the metaphysical ability to calm and soothe, by bringing energy down. Clear quartz works to amplify any existing energy, so will increase the effectiveness of blue crystals.

Overall, this can make you feel even more depressed, exhausted, and generally lackluster, so it’s a combination best avoided unless you have a very high amount of energy that you want to calm.

Blue Lace Agate And Red Jasper

Like quartz and blue crystals, this can seem an appealing combination, especially when someone is feeling down, burnt out, and stressed.

When feeling this way, people might partner up their red jasper crystal to boost their energy, with a blue lace agate to calm them down and slow down their emotions.

Much like clear quartz, however, red jasper (and lots of red crystals in general), have an energy amplification effect and can make you feel worse when combined with blue lace agate if your goal is uplifting, boosting, and regenerating energy.

Gomed And Cat’s Eye Stones

This combination is forbidden by Hindi folklore, as planet Rāhu (of which gomed is the gemstone) and planet Ketu (of which cat’s eye is the gemstone), cannot be placed side by side. If you do use these in combination, you might be inviting negative energy and evil into your life.

If they are mixed – they might bring overindulgence, illness, theft, death, restlessness, and anxiety (potentially alongside many more), with them. Maybe give this one a miss!

Tiger’s Eye And Smoky Quartz

Tiger’s eye, often used to increase confidence, gives you revitalizing energy, increasing feelings of boldness and freedom. Alternately, smoky quartz is frequently used to protect empaths from excess energy, as well as having a grounding effect.

Hence, these crystals conflict, and rarely work well together, as one tries to harness any energy around you, whereas the other is trying to block it all out.

Tiger’s Eye And Amazonite

Whilst on the topic of tiger’s eye, it is worth mentioning that combing it with amazonite can have some negative effects.

Many people use amazonite to sleep, due to its calming vibes, but combine it with tiger’s eye, an energy boosting and confidence-enhancing stone, cancels its effects out, keeping you awake and restless all night.

Saturn’s Stones And Stones Associated With Mars, The Moon, And The Sun

Saturn’s stones are generally incompatible with stones associated with Mars, the moon, and the sun. For example, blue sapphires are not compatible with popular non-crystal spiritual items, like corals and pearls.

The fiery ruby also might not work well with blue sapphires and other Saturn stones, as they create negative, or opposing energy that can cause conflict.

The bottom line is – there are crystal combinations that might not be beneficial, or they might produce unexpected effects when used together, as their energies interfere with each other.

But, with that in mind, practice and rituals with crystals are predominantly based on your intuition – if you feel like you are drawn to certain crystals, then they’ll probably work for you. Spiritual work with crystals is all about the two ‘I’s – intuition and intentions.

Before every ritual, make sure that you feel a pull towards it, and that you are setting intentions and expectations about what you want to achieve.

To find crystal combinations that work well for you, it is worth knowing the chakras, their colors, and what crystals are linked to them – and using this information (along with your set intention/ideas about what you would like to achieve), to reverse engineer a crystal combination.

Generally speaking, red stones are tied to the root chakra, orange stones to the sacral chakra, yellow stones to the solar plexus chakra, green stones to the heart chakra, light blue stones to the throat chakra, indigo stones to the third eye chakra, and finally, purple stones are connected to the crown chakra.

Each chakra is linked to a set of emotions, so an imbalance in the chakras can result in emotional upheaval.

  • If you are feeling depressed and unable to learn, this might be caused by the 7th chakra (also known as the crown chakra). Healing crystals for this chakra include amethyst, clear quartz, and lepidolite.
  • If you are feeling anxious, withdrawn, or shy, this might be being caused by an imbalance in the 5th chakra (or throat chakra), which is impacting your ability to communicate clearly. Crystals that might help you get over your elevated anxiety include amazonite, turquoise, and aquamarine, which will serve to stabilize rogue energy in the chakra, balancing and calming the nervous system.
  • If you are suffering from a lack of self-discipline, your 4th chakra (the heart chakra) might be to blame. To balance this energy, use rose quartz (specifically for increasing peace and self-love), and rhodochrosite (if you feel fear and trauma and want to heal old emotional wounds).
  • If you are feeling a lack of creativity, sexual dysfunction, or withheld intimacy, this might be attributed to the 2nd chakra (or sacral chakra). To rebalance this, look for light orange to reddish crystals, such as carnelian, amber, and even tiger’s eye.

No one can decide which crystals you should use together except you, as it is so highly subjective. If a combination on this list feels right to you – then go for it! If a popular crystal combination that you’ve seen others use gives you bad vibes, then that’s fine – just find what works for you.