Orange Calcite vs Citrine: What Is The Difference?

Both orange calcite and citrine are beautiful orange crystals you can be lucky enough to find or simply purchase. They look very similar in a number of ways, which has led to a lot of confusion over them.

Chances are, you’ve confused one for the other at some point, too!

Orange Calcite vs Citrine What Is The Difference

Despite their similarities, however, they are very different materials. Not only do they occur naturally in different places, but they also have different formulas, mineral classes, and Zodiac signs associated with them. 

To find out more about orange calcite and citrine, keep reading! We’re going to cover everything you need to know about them right here, including their healing, emotional, metaphysical, and physical properties! 

Orange Calcite Vs Citrine: The Primary Differences

Below is a comparison of a number of important points for these two crystals. This is the easiest way to compare them in more than a physical way. See which crystal suits your needs best by looking at the information we’ve gathered about them. 


  • Orange Calcite – Yellow, orange
  • Citrine – Yellow, orange


  • Orange Calcite – USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Citrine – Madagascar, Russia


  • Orange Calcite – Common
  • Citrine – Rare

Mineral Class

  • Orange Calcite – Carbonate
  • Citrine – Silicate

MOH Hardness

  • Orange Calcite – 3
  • Citrine – 7

Crystal System

  • Orange Calcite – Trigonal
  • Citrine – Hexagonal


  • Orange Calcite – CaCO3
  • Citrine – SiO₂


  • Orange Calcite – Vitreous
  • Citrine – Vitreous

Specific Gravity 

  • Orange Calcite – 2.7
  • Citrine – 2.65

Physical Properties

  • Orange Calcite – Helps to strengthen the reproductive system
  • Citrine – Helps to stimulate digestion

Emotional Properties

  • Orange Calcite – Encourages happiness and joy
  • Citrine – Encourages and imparts optimism and enthusiasm 

Metaphysical Properties

  • Orange Calcite – helps to enhance creative gifts
  • Citrine – helps to promote abundance and wealth

Zodiac Sign

  • Orange Calcite – Cancer
  • Citrine – Libra, Leo, Gemini


  • Orange Calcite – not a birthstone
  • Citrine – November


  • Orange Calcite – Solar Plexus, sacral
  • Citrine – Solar Plexus, sacral


  • Orange Calcite – Sun 
  • Citrine – Jupiter


  • Orange Calcite – Fire
  • Citrine – Air


  • Orange Calcite – 5
  • Citrine – 6

What Are They?

What Are They?

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of both of these crystals, we will go through a few things in more detail below. Specifically, we will focus on the overall understanding of each crystal, then their healing properties. 

Orange Calcite

This mineral is primarily made up of calcium carbonate. After quartz, calcite is the second most common mineral found on earth! It’s the primary ingredient in marble and limestone, so it’s practically everywhere. 

The coloring of orange calcite is as you would expect – orange! This color comes from the tiny iron oxide particles in the crystal, which the light reflects.

The beautiful honey color is one of the most attractive features of this simple crystal. Shades can also vary a lot, from dark yellows to bright and vibrant oranges.

Colors are likely to change depending on where the stone is found, as well as the conditions. As this crystal is found in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, the colors can change. They are found in igneous, metamorphic, and even sedimentary rock. 

Orange calcite is a soft material, with a MOH hardness of only 3. When exposed to too much light for extended periods of time, the color will also fade. Placing it in water for too long will also result in the stone fading. 

There are a number of calcite colors that can be found – one for each major chakras, actually! You can find blue, link, black, and white, along with other colors. All the coloring is caused by impurities in the stone, which create the color when light hits the particles.  

The Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite

Considering the color, it makes sense for orange calcite to be a crystal that helps to promote happiness and joy. It also has a strong connection with the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras.

Because of this, the orange calcite crystal is great for you if you’re feeling down. They can be useful in helping to overcome depression, and remove insecurities and fears. 

By wearing this crystal, it can help you remove things that are in the way of you reaching your true potential. It promotes motivation, which we could all use from time to time, too! If you feel like you need energy or inspiration to reach your goals, you should wear this crystal. 

Orange calcite can also help you increase your sex drive and help you understand why you’re experiencing a low libido. This will give you the confidence you need to allow yourself to enjoy the natural pleasures you can experience. 

It can also help you enhance your natural creative gifts and inspire you to pursue your creativity. Since it stimulates your imagination, you will also be able to find solutions to your issues more quickly! It can come in handy in more than one way.

This crystal is also used to help restore mental, emotional, and even physical balance in your life. It helps to strengthen the function of organs like the kidneys, liver, and spleen, and even remove toxins from the body.

The crystal can also help to overcome issues related to your reproductive system.


This silicon dioxide crystal belongs to the Silicates family and is a type of quartz. In fact, it’s the second most popular kind of quartz gemstone!

It is frequently used in crystal healing, home decor, and even jewelry. It’s found in Madagascar and the Ural Mountains in Russia and is pretty rare.

The name of this crystal comes from the word citron, which is the French word for lemon. It got its name thanks to the color similarity it has to lemons and other citrus fruits. Like orange calcite, this crystal also comes in a variety of shades that vary from dark oranges to pale yellows. 

Citrine is thought to carry the power of the sun, and it’s a very uplifting crystal. It has a MOH hardness of 7, making it a pretty hard stone! Like orange calcite, this stone will also fade when exposed to too much sunlight, but it is safe to put in water. 

The Healing Properties Of Citrine

Citrine is a symbol of abundance, happiness, joy, and wealth. It helps you realign your energies into balance, and heightens your self-discipline. This crystal is also known as the merchant’s stone, as it often attracts success and wealth.

If you need some prosperity in your life, you should wear it!

If you feel like you need assistance on your money ventures or investments, citrine can help you, too. It’s helpful for commercial success, but also helps with the flow of money-energy. 

As the color may suggest, citrine can help with enthusiasm, delight, energy, and joy. If you are in a negative space, this stone can help you get out of it and feel more positive. It also symbolizes summer and the sun’s warmth.

Energy and comfort are also brought by this stone’s transparency, allowing you to organize busy thoughts. 

Like orange calcite, citrine has a strong connection to the solar plexus chakra. It also helps to strengthen the vibrant and positive flow of energy in and around your body. 

Physically, this stone can help with urinary tract, kidney, and digestive issues. It can help relieve symptoms of constipation while also detoxing the blood and balancing the thyroid.

For some people with degenerative disorders, this stone can also help to balance any unbalanced chemicals. 

Which One Is Better: Orange Calcite Or Citrine?

Both crystals stimulate identical chakras due to their similar coloring. They are both uplifting and are good for boosting, joy, happiness, and boosting self-confidence. 

These crystals are great when used together, as they work well. They can reduce negative thoughts and fight both anxiety and depression. Citrine is a good crystal for money-related issues and hopes. 

It’s important to note that most stores that advertise citrine are likely selling heat-treated amethyst. Citrine is incredibly popular and sought-after, so it’s worth adding a genuine crystal to your collection! 

The biggest difference between these two lies in the hardness. The calcite is soft and shouldn’t be stored with citrine in case denting or other damage occurs. 

Overall, there is no “better” option. They both have their uses, and are unique. It all depends on your needs at the moment, which works best for you. 

Telling The Difference Between Orange Calcite And Citrine

Since the coloring is incredibly similar, there are two things you can do to tell the difference between these crystals:

  1. Consider the look and shape – natural citrine is formed in clusters, geodes, and points, much like quartz. 
  2. Hardness test – carry out a hardness test to determine which crystal you have. If it scratches when you hold it against a harder object, it’s orange calcite. If it doesn’t, you have citrine. 

Final Thoughts 

Orange calcite and citrine are two very different crystals, but both have the same coloring and chakras. They are both great for positivity, happiness and joy. There is no best or worst, as they both bring something different to the table. 

If you are looking to buy one of these crystals, find out which one would best serve your purposes and go with that one.