How To Use A Chakra Wand On Yourself – The Ultimate Guide

Every human being has seven chakras. These chakras are located throughout the body in a vertical line and work as centers of energy.

How To Use A Chakra Wand On Yourself - The Ultimate Guide

According to the Sanskrit term for chakras means “wheels of light”, healthy chakras are intended to spin at the same time, radiating energy from each point of your body to keep you spiritually and physically aligned.

However, not all chakras will spin at the same time or at same speeds. It’s very common for certain chakras to not spin at all if the individual isn’t focusing their energy on spiritually aligning themselves.

This has a physical effect on the body, too – for example, when the Throat chakra isn’t charged, you might have a constant ball of anxiety at the back of your throat.

For people who want to seek spiritual alignment without paying a professional healer, there is a way to heal yourself. Chakra wands are made of various crystals, which work to align your chakras and “spin” the balls of energy into the right pattern and speed.

If you’re new to the world of chakra healing, here is the ultimate guide on how to use a chakra wand on yourself!

How To Choose A Chakra Wand

First things first, you’ll need to choose the right chakra wand. Chakra wands are either made up of a singular crystal or several crystals in a “wand”-like shape, which is usually like an elongated and polished shard of crystal. Each crystal in a chakra wand represents various chakras in the body.

This means that if you are intending to focus on one chakra, then you’ll only need a chakra wand made of one crystal. If you’re intending to align all of your chakras, then you’ll need a wand made of multiple crystals.

Choosing a chakra wand is very similar to choosing crystals for healing. It all mostly comes down to what crystal screams out for you, how you charge the crystal, and how you use the crystal.

You can’t expect a chakra wand to work immediately without committing time and energy into the wand, which shall be explained later.

What A Chakra Wand Does

If you’re new to the world of chakras, you might want to get a better understanding of what chakra wands do. In a nutshell, every human body has seven chakra points. These are:

Crown Chakra

  • Located at the crown of the head
  • Yearning to find purpose, desire to connect spiritually
  • Crystals: Amethyst, clear quartz, diamond, selenite

Third Eye Chakra

  • Located between the eyebrows
  • Clouded focus, lack of insight, no sense of direction
  • Crystals: Black obsidian, amethyst, purple fluorite

Throat Chakra

  • Located underneath the Adam’s apple
  • Lack of inner voice, communication issues, freedom of expression
  • Crystals: Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, turquoise

Heart Chakra

  • Located at the heart/center of chest
  • Lack of self-love, self-acceptance, and inner happiness
  • Crystals: Rose quartz, green tourmaline, jade, green calcite

Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Located where the diaphragm sits
  • Anxiety and stress, lack of creativity
  • Crystals: Citrine, topaz, malachite, calcite

Sacral Chakra

  • Located at the top of the pelvis
  • Fatigue and low vitality
  • Crystals: Moonstone, carnelian, citrine, coral

Root Chakra

  • Located at the reproductive organs
  • Lack of motivation and desire
  • Crystals: Tiger’s eye, black agate, fire agate, bloodstone

Each of these chakra points has varying frequency ranges. When these frequency ranges don’t align with each other, a chakra can become blocked by negative energies. If one or more of these blockages occur, it can manifest in physical and mental discomfort.

The crystals in a chakra wand are said to contain vibrations that match each chakra. This means that the crystal wand will connect and correct a chakra’s frequency range, thus clearing all blockages and creating a clear path of energy (chi) through the body.

When these frequency ranges are free from blockages, any symptoms of physical or mental discomfort are also freed, which is why chakra wands are used for people with physical ailments, illnesses, and mental health problems.

A chakra wand is also used to massage parts of the body, activate chakras that are completely stagnant, and be a part of meditative and spiritual practices. Using a chakra wand to massage parts of the body is a brilliant way of relieving yourself from uncomfortable tension.

How To Use A Chakra Wand On Yourself

There are several ways to use a chakra wand on yourself, including for physical relief, aura boosting, and chakra realignment. For beginners, we recommend seeking the help of a professional or someone with experience of dealing with chakras, pressure points, and aura boosting.

This is because they will know exactly what your body needs, which can be tricky to understand if you’re totally new to the world of chakras. Just make sure that your chakra wand is charged and cleansed before and after someone else uses it, as it will still hold the other person’s energy.

We also recommend spending some time with your chakra wand before using it. Treat the chakra wand in the same way that you would treat crystals – the wand must be charged overnight under the moonlight and cleansed with water.

There are several ways to charge a crystal or chakra wand, so go with whatever feels most appropriate.

You will know that the chakra wand is charged without even realizing it – some people will feel a tingling sensation when holding the wand, while others will just know that it’s ready to use.

It’s also worth meditating with the chakra wand nearby to get yourself (and the crystals) accustomed to one another. Without properly charging and getting used to the chakra wand (and thus the crystals inside it), you might not get the results you want or need when healing yourself.

Using A Chakra Wand For Physical Relief

Chakra wands are experts in versatility. Regardless of the type of pain or physical discomfort you are experiencing, when used correctly, a chakra wand can provide some kind of pain relief.

In fact, a lot of people who aren’t spiritually-inclined turn to chakra wands for pain relief as the wands target specific pressure points.

Our top tip is to choose a chakra wand with a rounded end rather than a pointed one. This is because you’ll be rubbing the chakra wand on areas of tension and tenderness, and you don’t want to make the pain worse by sticking a sharp crystal into your skin.

Also, above all else, make sure to control your breathing before you start using a chakra wand. It’s easy to forget about the power of breathing when it comes to pain relief!

Chakra Wand For Back Tension/Back Pain

It’s common for people to experience lower and upper back pain due to poor posture, previous physical injuries, and the blockage of the sacral chakra.

For those who experience upper back pain, knots are small balls of tension that fuse the heart chakra with negative energy, which is why you’ll often experience chest pain as well as upper back pain.

For those who experience lower back pain, this is usually a result of bad posture or joint tension, which negatively affects that sacral chakra located where the pelvis meets the hips.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to relieve the tension from upper back pain with a chakra wand without the help of another person. This is because reaching the knots with your hand and the wand isn’t easy, and could end up with more physical discomfort.

For upper back pain, we recommend seeking the help of someone else. They should then gently rub the rounded chakra wand into these tension points while you sit upright. Most importantly, make sure you keep your breathing consistent to encourage the pain to release.

Relieving yourself of lower back pain with a chakra wand is far easier as the pressure points are convenient to reach. You will need to sit or stand upright (whichever is most comfortable), and then gently rub the end of the chakra wand into the area just above the hip bone.

This is usually where people have the distinctive “dimples” at the bottom of their back. It helps if you have two chakra wands to do this at the same time.

Chakra Wand For Headaches

To use a chakra wand to ease a headache, use the rounded end of the wand to gently rub circles into your temples. While chakra wands are generally cool to the touch, you can put them in the fridge for a couple of hours to further ease the headache.

Other pressure points you can use the chakra wand on to relieve a headache include:

  • Tension at the back of the skull
  • The Third Eye pressure point (between the eyebrows)
  • The union valley pressure point (the webbed skin between the thumb and forefinger)
  • The bright light pressure points (located above the eye and underneath the tip of the brow)

Please ensure to take deep breaths when using a chakra wand to relieve the pain of a headache, as this will encourage your body to take in more oxygen (which is often the culprit of a headache).

Chakra Wand For Chest Pain

Chest pain is an unfortunate and uncomfortable side effect of stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety cause tension in the lungs and chest area, preventing the individual from breathing properly and getting enough oxygen, thus resulting in chest pain.

To use a chakra wand to unblock the airways, simply rub the crystal underneath your collar bones. This will work to relieve any tension. As always, try to take deep breaths during this process.

Chakra Wand For Indigestion

Targeting the Solar Plexus chakra with a chakra wand is a great way to relieve discomfort from indigestion. To stimulate the Solar Plexus, press the rounded end of a chakra wand around your diaphragm.

This is usually the point where the rib cages meet, a couple of inches above the belly button. Stimulating the Solar Plexus works to release a blockage of nerves, which is often the cause of stomach problems.

You can also press the chakra wand into the union valley pressure point, which is the web of skin between the thumb and forefinger. This is a fairly universal pressure point that works to relieve pain.

Using A Chakra Wand For Aura Boosting And Chakra Realignment

Now, using a chakra wand on yourself to boost your aura is easier said than done. For beginners, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional who understands how chakras, chakra wands, and auras work in order to boost your aura and align your chakras.

If you’re completely new to aligning your chakras and aura boosting, you might struggle with using a chakra wand.

Auras are essentially a field of energy surrounding the body that cannot be seen by the naked eye. A healthy aura will emit colors depending on your emotions, the type of person you are, and the frequency range of your chakras.

If one or more of your chakras is blocked, this will affect the overall aura.

You’ll feel a difference in your aura rather than see a difference. Everyone can detect energy, both in ourselves and the beings around us, so you will notice when a chakra isn’t working properly.

In some cases, you might even feel a physical difference, such as the ache in your gut from the Solar Plexus, which is often responsible for the distinctive “gut feeling”.

Here are our tips on how to use a chakra wand for boosting your aura and realigning your chakras!

  • Go into a quiet and darkened room with low lighting and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Some people like to lie on a bed or couch, while others prefer to lie on the floor. Either is fine as long as you are lying completely flat – though you can elevate your head with a small pillow if you like. This is optional, but most people prefer to play quiet music in the background, such as Native American flute music.
  • If you know what chakra/chakras have been blocked by negative energies, then place the chakra wand on these areas (for example, place the chakra wand on your pelvis to target the Sacral chakra). It helps if the chakra wand is made of a crystal (or contains a crystal) that sends vibrations to that specific chakra.
  • Make sure to control your breathing through a series of deep breathing exercises. It might be worth doing a quick meditation session before to control your breathing.
  • You can either leave the chakra wand directly on the chakra point, or you can massage the tip of the wand into the chakra.
  • Regardless of how you wish to use the chakra wand, you need to focus all of your energy into that particular point. Feel the weight and the texture of the chakra wand – it helps if you remove pieces of clothing to feel even more connected to the crystals. Again, it also helps if you meditate prior to doing this, as meditation will help to clear your head to focus all of your thoughts on that one chakra.
  • Be careful not to overdo it, because once a particular chakra has been realigned for too long, it might “spin” faster than the others. This is why we generally recommend using a chakra wand made of various crystals and targeting all of your chakra points to allow for an even flow of energy.
  • Once you have finished your session and your aura feels back to normal, remove the chakra wand and continue to lie down. You will have used a lot of energy in this process, which is why most people will often experience a tingling sensation or lightheadedness. Elevating your head by placing a small pillow under your neck helps to lessen this overwhelming feeling.
  • When you feel ready, slowly lift yourself from the position. It helps to roll over to your side first, and then try to get your breathing pattern back to a normal one. All that deep breathing will also result in a rush to the head!

The same rules apply if you want to target all the chakras. If you have two chakra wands, we recommend lying down with your arms either side of you and your palms facing the ceiling.

Balance the chakra wands on your palms in a vertical position. This is also a good method for using pointed chakras wands that can be uncomfortable when pressed into the skin!