7 Incredible Healing Crystals For Aries

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and typically starts with the Spring Equinox on March 20th. With this comes new beginnings, hence why the Aries zodiac sign is associated with new, fresh ideas and open-mindedness.

7 Incredible Healing Crystals For Aries

The element of Aries is fire and it is represented with the symbol of the ram, both known for symbolizing persistence, courage, and a high drive to succeed. Even then, people born under the Aries star sign can become impatient if they struggle to bring their new ideas into reality and see their plans to the end.

For those who struggle with the negative aspects of an Aries birth sign, we have gathered a collection of crystals that can help heal and support Aries in their day-to-day life.

The natural gifts that come with an Aries birth sign can be aided by certain zodiac crystals that have associations with the star sign. This is because they carry unique frequencies that interact with the energy of your own body.

Possessing these crystals can also help non-Aries individuals too, for when the sun is in the March 20th to April 19th.


Amethyst is a quartz stone that has long been associated with lightness and balance.

For example, ancient Greeks wore amethyst because they thought it stopped them from becoming drunk when consuming alcohol, and European soldiers in the medieval period believed it kept them cool-headed on the battlefield.

It is also sacred in Tibetan Buddhism, where the stone was commonly included in their prayer beads. While Aries individuals are driven, this also comes with the weight of expectations and responsibility.

Their ambitions are high but can also be channeled and expressed in unhealthy ways, so Aries benefit from something that can bring balance and mindfulness into their lives and take that weight off of their shoulders.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep amethyst around if you’re an Aries. They’re also a very distinct and attractive gem, standing out as the only natural gem that holds a deep purple color.

To get the most out of your amethyst, it’s a good idea to cleanse it of negative energies by introducing it to sea salt, running water, sage smudging, or complementary crystals like fluorite or Tibetan quartz. Doing these will activate the amethyst so you get more of its beneficial effects.


Aquamarine is a pale blue or light green form of beryl that tends to become even bluer when subjected to heat. When aquamarine is a very deep blue, it’s often referred to as maxixe.

It’s pretty obvious that aquamarine is named after water, so why does this help a person born under the Aries sign?

First, aquamarine is widely considered the birthstone for March, where the Spring Equinox takes place, and it has historically been associated with youthfulness.

Second, its association with water can combat the fiery nature of an Aries personality, taming the negative aspects of being an Aries.

The association with water isn’t just skin-deep. While aquamarine has a realistic light green/blue color that looks like the sea, Western cultures going as far back as the Romans have also made that connection.

We know that Romans, when braving the sea, would carry aquamarine to keep them safe and stave away illness.

If you find yourself facing many of the challenges that are associated with too much Aries energy, keeping aquamarine can help you find some flexibility in your life. It’s also associated with calmness and soothing overactive minds.

Black Onyx

When a layered chalcedony formation harbors a deep, black coloring, you’re dealing with black onyx. While typical onyx can have white bands running through it and sardonyx has a red color, black onyx is as close as you can get to a singular, consistent black color.

That’s harder than it may seem, which is why artificially colored onyx and sardonyx are sold as black onyx on the market. Of all the black gemstones, black onyx can be one of the most potent, so you should try to get your hands on the genuine article.

This stone is famously used in meditation due to the belief that it wards away negative energies with powerful vibrations. It’s also associated with healing, especially when the problem is located in the lower half of your body.

As a great stone that physically and emotionally grounds its owners, one of these crystals can help Aries regulate their bodies and thoughts.

Onyx is best activated with running water and it should avoid being left in direct sunlight, as this will dull the color and weaken the stone.

You can also tell if your black onyx is real by heating it with a lighter for a few seconds and then putting it in water, where non-genuine onyx will show damage. As one of the hardest stones around, real onyx won’t.

Quite like aquamarine, onyx is a great foundational healing crystal that can be combined with many zodiac signs, including Aries.

Black onyx specifically is associated with the protection of the crown chakras when they are opening, protecting you from vulnerability when meditating and thinking on other important matters.


Known for its brown-orange-red coloring, carnelian is a gemstone that’s heavily associated with fire. Even in its deeper colors, as sard, these stones harbor darker red and almost black coloring, like brimstone.

Like black onyx, it’s a form of chalcedony but its colors have been changed by iron oxide impurities, creating that red/orange rust-like color that the crystal is known for.

The association of carnelian and heat has been around for quite some time, not just because of its orange color. In Roman times, seal rings were made using carnelian because it was one of the few stones that hot wax did not stick to.

It also has architectural significance to the Minoans, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Etruscans, and is mentioned in the Bible.

The fiery nature of carnelian means it’s often used to bolster the ability of other gemstones by acting as a catalyst.

That fiery energy matches the demeanor and ambitions of Aries individuals and, while there can be downsides to it, an Aries doesn’t want to lose the fire that keeps them going.

When an Aries feels like they need to rekindle that fire, holding a carnelian can help. This can be great when feeling emotionally defeated.

Naturally, using this stone when you already have a strong fiery personality can make you too fiery, encouraging self-centeredness and other negative Aries traits. It may be a good idea to balance carnelian out with aquamarine.


While carnelian has a darker and more orange color, citrine is a quartz variety that’s anything from pale yellow to a deep, golden amber color. It’s a bright stone that’s heavily associated with summer, perfect for uplifting those who hold it.

As is common for bright, eye-catching gemstones, it has a history of being used by Greek and Roman jewelry on rings. Since then, it has remained a staple of bright summer fashion and displays of positive energy, even as recently as Art Deco fashion.

Naturally, the association between summer and light is ultimately linked to sunlight and fire. While it won’t be as powerful as carnelian, citrine is a great addition to an Aries crystal collection because it focuses on many of the same properties but to a lesser degree.

Aries is also the sign of new beginnings, as we have mentioned, and so this bright and summery stone is in-tune with the new ideas of Aries individuals.

More generally, citrine is also thought to help with the manifestation of those ideas.

Where Aries may start many things but not finish them, citrine can refocus your priorities and help you to manifest what you want in your work, accept criticisms of what you’ve done, and then use it to make positive changes in your life.

Much like amethyst, citrine can help its wearers/holders feel lighter along with its literal light color. It can also help you maintain optimism for the future and resist phobias and other anchoring feelings bearing down on you in your life.

Clear Quartz

Quartz is a large category that encompasses many crystallized silica, making up the second-most abundant mineral on Earth. As we mentioned above, amethyst and citrine are varieties of quartz, but let’s go into more detail about clear quartz.

Due to its popularity over time, the biggest historical clear quartz is a Lotharingian engraving from the 800s depicting the story of Susanna from the Bible.

Quartz often develops with several colors and imperfections present in the crystal but, when that stone is clear or milky white, it’s rarer and sought after for its purity. That’s clear quartz. It carries a natural luster and has long been associated with ice and healing.

It’s also a crystal that has a powerful vibration, which is thought to channel the holder’s thoughts. With an Aries, where they have high ambitions and too many fresh ideas bouncing around their head, a rechanneling of one’s goals and priorities can be useful.

Don’t forget the elemental connection here, too. Since clear quartz is often associated with ice, it’s another of those stones that stand opposite of fire, sunlight, and other Aries-related imagery for heat. Like aquamarine, it can be used to bring a strong Aries personality into balance.

Clear quartz is a must for many crystal collectors because it is compatible with many other stones. When combined with other stones related to Aries, it helps to keep them in balance.

Even if you’re not an Aries, it’s considered one of the best healing crystals and a fundamental component of a well-rounded crystal collection.


Emerald is one of the distinct gemstones that many of us know because of its deep green coloring. This is because it’s a beryl that contains chromium, creating a stone that’s as hard as it is pleasing to look at. Many emeralds have inclusions that can make them weaker than others, however.

The first known mines that sourced emerald were in Egypt, before the birth of Christ. Cleopatra was known to like the stone, as were the Incas when the Spanish reached the Americas.

The Incas wore gold and silver too and didn’t think much of it unlike the Spanish, so the Spanish offered them emeralds in exchange for the precious metals and this caused Western and Asian royalty to think that emerald was valuable and majestic.

Often harboring a verdant green, emerald is often associated with a new spring. While it’s associated with May, the energy of new beginnings that come with emeralds is perfect for the Aries temperament.

With that comes a lot of positive energy too, which helps propel Aries forward to finish the plans that they start. This makes it great for Aries that need some hope and productivity in their life.