Facial Pressure Points: Easy At-Home Beauty Hack

Acupressure has traditionally been used for centuries by Chinese medical practitioners. Not only does it have health benefits, but the practice can be used to rejuvenate your skin quality. 

People who practice Chinese medicine believe that qi, or life force energy, flows around the body along different meridians. Acupressure helps to change and divert the flow of qi around the body, sending it to specific areas for beneficial results.

Facial acupressure is easy to do and will show results immediately. The practice increases blood circulation around your body and can help to improve your skin tone. This keeps your skin in optimal health and will make it appear youthful and glowing. Facial acupressure will also help to relieve any symptoms of congestion and stress. It is also believed to help tone the muscles in your face and encourage general wellness.  

How to perform acupressure at home

Self-acupressure is very easy to do at home, provided you know where to press. We advise using your middle finger to apply pressure to your face, as this tends to be the strongest digit. Your thumb is also very strong but does not have adequate dexterity to apply targeted pressure. If your fingers are sore, you can use your knuckles. 

You should sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Breathe in and out deeply through your nose as you clear your mind. You should hold your finger at a 90-degree angle to the pressure point on your face. 

Press slowly and firmly into the pressure point, applying and releasing it slowly and gently. Alternatively, you can rub in small concentric motions over the pressure point. Try to keep pressure on the desired area for between 1 and 2 minutes per pressure point. 

This should not cause you pain or discomfort. If it does, please stop what you are doing and consult a doctor or qualified acupressure practitioner. 

What are the benefits of facial acupressure?

Many of the pressure points mentioned are highly effective for relieving anxiety and stress. You can also use a lot of these techniques to relieve pressure on your sinuses. This is if you are suffering from allergies or a cold. You can use the acupressure techniques to drain and clear your sinuses. 

You can also use these techniques to reduce symptoms of brain fog and to rejuvenate your energy after a long day. This is particularly effective if you combine the massage with a refreshing facial mist. 

Large intestine 20 

Aka: Ying Xiang, welcome fragrance, LI 20

This pressure point is in the dip where your nostrils meet your cheeks. Applying pressure here is great for relieving swelling and congestion. 

DU 26

Aka: Shuigou, water trough, GV 26, man’s middle

This pressure point is in the space between your nose and upper lip, in the center of your face. This point can help you to gain mental clarity and focus. 

San Jiao 21

Aka: Ermen, ear gate, TE 21, SJ 21

This is found near the tragus of your ear, in the dip just in front. It is believed to help you balance out the actions of your thyroid gland and make your skin appear brighter. 

San Jiao 17

Aka: Yifeng, wind screen, SJ 17, TE 17

This is found in the little dip directly behind your earlobes. It has been used as a way to effectively relieve the symptoms of toothache, lockjaw, and paralysis of the face. 

Large intestine 4

Aka: Hegu, joining valley, LI 4

This is found at the apex of the muscle between your thumb and index finger. It is useful for facial disorders as well as fevers and chills. 


Aka: greater yang

This is found in the soft areas of your temples. It is believed to help with headaches and dizziness. If you are stressed and prone to tension headaches, this will help to relieve the symptoms. 

Heavenly pillar

Aka: Tianzhu, celestial pillar, urinary bladder 10, BL 10, B 10

These pressure points are located just below the bottom of your skull, on either side of your spine. They are believed to help with overall skin health, clearing acne, and skin texture. 

Third eye

Aka: Yintang, hall of impression, EX-HN 3

This pressure point is found in the center of your eyebrows, about a finger above the bridge of your nose. Applying pressure to this area stimulates the pituitary gland which helps with the texture of your skin. 

Facial beauty

Aka: Dicang, stomach 4, Earth granary, ST 4

These are found on the outer corners of your lips, at the bottom of your cheekbones. It is believed to clear acne and improve blood circulation through your face. As a result, swelling is reduced and your face will appear firmer. It can also be used to help clear congestion, blocked noses, and optical pain. It can be used to reduce droopiness in the mouth, relax contracted muscles, and boost the elasticity of your skin. 

Four whites

Aka: Sibai, stomach 2, ST 2

These pressure points are found directly underneath your iris, about a finger below the bottom of your eye socket. This has been shown to reduce acne. 

Heavenly appearance

Aka: Tianrong, small intestine 17, celestial appearance, SI 17

These are found on either side of the jawbones, a few inches beneath your earlobes. Applying pressure here can improve the tone of facial muscles and connective tissue. This is essentially a similar result to a facelift, without the need for surgical intervention. 

Fish waist 

Aka: Yuyao

This is found directly above the pupils, in the center of your eyebrow. Pressing here can make your eyes appear brighter, less puffy, and can be used as a treatment for headaches. 

Container of fluids 

Aka: Ren 24, Chengjiang

This is found just below your lower lip, in the dip above your chin, and central to your face. Pressing here will reduce inflammation in your face, relieves jaw and toothaches, and can help to give your face a lifted appearance.