Flower Agate Meaning And Healing Properties

Flower agate is a beautiful, grounding crystal, known for the way in which it can aid in self-growth, as well as helping with the restoration of emotional balance.

Flower agate is a relatively new crystal, as it was first found in Madagascar, in 2018. At the time of writing, flower agate has only been found in Madagascar.

This crystal has a strong connection to the Heart chakra, meaning that this is the perfect stone for users in need of either joy or spontaneity.

As you can see, despite being a new crystal, this stone holds a lot of promise and has the potential to make a massive difference in your life.

If you would like to explore how to use flower agate, as well as find out about its healing abilities and the meaning behind the stone, carry on reading!

What Is Flower Agate?

Flower agate is pink in color, interrupted by white flower-like structures, called Chalcedony inclusions, that give the stone its unique appearance.

It is connected to the Heart and Root chakras, and it is in tune with the Taurus zodiac sign, as well as both Scorpio and Gemini. This beautiful stone’s main element is earth. It is capable of establishing a connection to the Sacred Feminine.

Stones known to be companion stones of flower agate include ocean jasper, moonstone, and carnelian.

If you are would like to pursue your dreams, then this crystal may be particularly beneficial to you. Flower agate is known for the way in which it encourages self-growth, as this stone gives you the extra nudge that you need to unlock your full potential.

This stone can benefit your mental health, as it is both comforting and grounding, meaning it can help the user with both stress and anxiety when necessary, helping to both restore and sustain emotional balance.

When used correctly, this crystal can also help users that suffer from insomnia, migraines, and headaches.

It can be both charged and cleansed through the use of other crystals, sage, or moon water.

What Does Flower Agate Look Like?

Flower agate is mainly a light pink color. This crystal is particularly eye-catching, however, due to the white speckles resembling flowers that decorate its surface.

These are known as chalcedony inclusions and contribute to the characteristic appearance, as well as the name, of flower agate crystals.

Chalcedony inclusions are three-dimensional, meaning that they aren’t smooth patterns, and are, in fact, recesses on the surface of the crystal.

This crystal has a 6.5 MOH hardness – this means that it is a similar hardness to clear quartz.

What Does Flower Agate Represent?

Flower agate actually has a lovely meaning tied in with the flowers that appear on its surface.

If you look closely at the white flowers on the surface of a flower agate, you will find that the flowers you can see can be divided into two categories: some look like beautiful, blossoming flowers, and others look more like seeds.

The appearance of these two different life-stages of the flower on the surface of the flower agate can remind you that you need to first be a seed before you can grow into a flower.

As a result, the flower agate crystal can serve as a representation of the journey that you will need to embark on in order to successfully fulfill your goals in life.

It makes sense that this stone aids in self-growth and manifestation, as a result.

Does Flower Agate Have Any Healing Properties?

Yes, it does! In fact, the healing abilities possessed by flower agate are one reason that contributes to its popularity as a crystal.

Flower agate has both physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties. We’ll get into these below.

The Emotional Healing Abilities Of Flower Agate

Flower agate is amazing when it comes to helping to regulate emotions. Flower agate’s emotional regulating properties actually come from its strong connection to the Heart chakra.

Flower agate is often used to promote and increase both joy and spontaneity – this means that it also has an effect on stress and anxiety, as these are both reduced when joy and spontaneity are increased.

Wearing flower agate daily may help you to see more positivity in your daily life, as well as help you to bring about positive changes that you have needed to make for a while.

If you need to increase your self-esteem or your sense of purpose, you can use flower agate’s high frequencies in order to give you the lift you need to realize your goals.

This is because of the way that flower agate is able to help you with your ambition and motivation, as well as give you the courage that you need to follow through on your goals in life.

If you find that you miss being ambitious, or that you lack ambition, and you need a push to get out of the house and live your life, flower agate can come in particularly handy.

Flower agate’s promotion of spontaneity means that you’ll be able to enjoy the ebb and flow of everyday life, getting as much as you can out of your day, every single day.

If you regularly experience depression, anxiety, or negative feelings, flower agate can help.

By wearing or carrying flower agate you may find that these feelings are alleviated, as it can help you to step away from past traumas and start living in the present, encouraging your emotional and spiritual growth.

Flower Agate’s Metaphysical Healing Abilities

Flower agate is a brilliant crystal to use to facilitate the discovery of your spiritual self. The crystal helps the user to learn to value both your body and your mind.

This is because one of its key properties is its ability to increase your self-awareness and your perception of what will help you to become your true self.

Flower agate has a strong connection to the femininity that exists in all men and women, known as the Sacred Feminine. This femininity is known to be positive and helps you to tap into Mother Earths’ healing energies.

These will help to inspire you and improve your self-empowerment. As a result, flower agate will also help you to unlock the meaning of your life.

Flower agate’s metaphysical properties help you to see that you have complete control over your fate, and the meaning you apply to life. It promotes happiness, and allows the user to view, and therefore experience, life positively.

This means that flower agate can help to balance and refocus your mindset, allowing you to create a positive environment physically, as a result.

Physical Healing Abilities Of Flower Agate

Whilst flower agate seems to have more of an impact on emotional or spiritual matters, it does have some ability to heal physical ailments indirectly through these.

For example, if you are struggling with stress and anxiety, flower agate can help you to regulate your emotions, leading to a decrease in the negative physical effects of these mental ailments; muscle tension, insomnia, and stress-induced headaches.

By staring at the flower agate’s beautiful colors, you may find that you experience a calming, stabilizing feeling, meaning that you have an easier time getting to sleep at night.

Flower agate has high frequencies. These high frequencies can also help to reduce any headaches or migraines that you might experience, as well as high blood pressure, which flower agate can help to lower through reduction of stress.

How Flower Agate Can Affect The Chakras

As previously mentioned, flower agate has a strong connection to both the Heart Chakra and the Root chakra. This means that the crystal will work to facilitate your relationships by increasing the amount of love and beauty that you experience.

Flower agate helps to encourage compassion, meaning that it will help you to demonstrate and receive more compassion. As a result, the users’ relationships will become stronger and improve.

As well as this, the flower agate crystals’ connection to the Root chakra will help to ground the user, as flower agate is a protective stone.

This means that you will have higher self-esteem, as this stone rejects the feelings of disconnection and hopelessness that can come with an unbalanced Root chakra. As a result, you will feel stronger and more protected.

How Should Flower Agate Be Used?

Flower agate can create a positive impact in your life in a variety of ways. This gorgeous pink crystal has the ability to replenish your mind, as well as promote healing.

If you would like to unlock these benefits, we’ve listed a few tips to help you to use flower agate in a way that will improve your mind and your life.

Keep Your Flower Agate Crystal With You

Flower agate is known for its powerful grounding qualities, meaning that if you dealing with stress or anxiety, having it easily accessible can be very beneficial.

If you find that you have a difficult time with emotional regulation, you may find that flower agate grants you the ability to regain control over your emotions, resultantly relieving you of stress and anxiety.

You can carry your flower agate crystal around with you in your pocket or incorporate it into an item of jewelry. You can touch your flower agate to ground yourself and feel relief from your tumultuous emotions.

Use Your Flower Agate Stone To Aid In Meditation

This is probably one of the most popular ways to use flower agate – and for good reason. Flower agate has the ability to promote high vibrations, meaning that you can use this crystal to ground yourself whilst meditating.

A physical connection between the stone and your skin (such as holding it) will allow you to move past any mental blockages that you may encounter whilst meditating.

Meditation has been proven to promote good mental health, so this is by far one of the most effective ways to use the crystal.

Use Your Flower Agate To Help With Affirmation

As flower agate has such a strong, impactful connection with both the Heart and the Root chakras, you may find that using affirmations is a very efficient way to use this crystal.

You can do this by placing it on your palm, before repeating whatever affirmation it is that you are trying to realize. This might be on the topic of self-esteem, or your ability to communicate with others.

Crystals To Use Alongside Flower Agate

Flower agate’s wonderful properties can be paired with a range of other crystals to experience heightened and increased effects. We’ll list some of these below!

Ocean Jasper

Both ocean jasper and flower agate have properties that, when combined, can allow you to find harmony in life, as they work together to encourage an optimistic outlook.

They also work together to reduce anxiety, meaning that you will be more likely to enjoy different aspects of life that you wouldn’t otherwise.

This is because flower agate promotes a positive perception of your life, which works wonderfully with ocean jaspers’ ability to encourage the user to enjoy the natural flow of life.


When combined, both moonstone and flower agate can enable the user to discard negative energies that they may carry. Together, they can help the user to experience an increase in good fortune.

You may experience self-growth, as well as an increase in your strength of self. These stones help to increase your sense of intuition, leading you to follow your gut and sort the ideas, people, and situations that help you in life from the ones that negatively impact you.

Flower agate is a powerful crystal, meaning that it will grant you the courage to follow this intuition and remove these energies from your life.


When flower agate is paired with carnelian, beautiful things can happen. This combination will give you the ability to trust your intuition, whilst also providing you with grounding properties that allow you to regain a balanced mind.

The user of these two stones will experience an increase in their courage, and as a result, their motivation and ability to achieve their goals.

An added bonus of this combination is that these goals will usually be positive, as these stones also enhance your positive decision-making skills.