How To Read The Body: What Does Your Bodygraph Say About You?

Sometimes have you ever wondered why things just don’t sit quite right with you? Do you feel like you have a spiritual element that is somehow out of line with some grander plan in the universe? Well, if you do, then do not fret, as there are plenty of others who feel exactly the same as you.

This is where the human design system comes in. All the system asks for you is to achieve radical forgiveness of the self, which should be the goal of any spiritual system. This system will help you to attain confidence in yourself so that you do not go out of line with what you fundamentally believe.

In short (we’ll cover this in more depth later), there are 4 different types of human design, each one having its own specific functions and purposes. There are some very specific inputs in this system that will give you everything that you need to achieve spiritual happiness.

This system is based on knowledge handed down from the divine forces to the master Alan Krakower, who then selflessly imparted this wisdom to his followers all over the world. So far there are plenty of followers of the Human Design system, and those numbers are growing, giving you everything that you need for a solid spiritual foundation.

So what exactly is the Human Design system and how can you integrate it into your life? What is the history of the system and will it give you everything that you need to make your life worthwhile? How can you integrate it in a way that will not be disruptive to your schedule? Are there any harmful aspects to the human design system?

We understand that a philosophy on life is very overwhelming and you might be inclined to be very cautious when it comes to changing your principles and adopting a wholly new outlook. Well, we’ll give you everything you need to know about this system so that you can make a wise decision when it comes to your philosophy on life.

The Human Design – History and Roots

This history of the human design system is very long and complicated, but it begins in 1987 on a Spanish Island. This is where the leader and founder of the human design system, Alan Krakower, communed with a spiritual entity that he termed ‘The Voice’. This communication lasted for 8 days and nights, during which Alan was relayed all the information that became known as the Human Design system.

This method of channeling is when an entity communicates with humanity to relay the information that is beneficial to those that are open and accepting of it. This history of mediumship actually is founded on spiritual principles and goes back as long as history itself.

Sadly, our society tends not to recognize the health and knowledge benefits of yoga and meditation, however, it does not yield in the same way to knowledge gleaned from extraterrestrial sources. However, again, there is a rich history of scientists and mystics who have gained powerful knowledge from outside our solar system.

Because, if you think about it, every religion that exists currently, from Christianity to Buddhism, has come from a realm outside of our own. The Human design system states that we are currently going through a difficult period of awakening and that we don’t value esoteric wisdom that greatly.

This is why we are struggling to navigate some of the travails of life because we do not have much religion in our daily existence. This has been integrated successfully into Eastern cultures for hundreds and hundreds of years, however, the West is still struggling to catch up with these innovations.

Despite all the technical innovations that we’ve developed, we are still begging for answers to the age-old spiritual questions: how do I find happiness? How can I do better by others? Why does success not come to me as easily as others? How can I heal the illnesses that keep plaguing my body?

Luckily, the Human Design system is constructed to solve all these issues and be the start of your journey to self-discovery. This system synthesizes wisdom with modern technology to create something entirely new and contemporary. It is essentially a user’s manual for the modern-day human being.

Intrigued? We thought you might be. Keep reading for a more in-depth study of what exactly is on offer with this wonderful new spiritual system.

What Does Human Design Mean?

This combines a lot of esoteric wisdom with the foundational texts that have come to define a lot of modern-day religions. If you like the spiritual teachings of the Jews or the Hindus, then you can be sure that this system will integrate this wisdom with that of other teachings.

This is a system of self-understanding that you can rely on time and time again, rather than the professional help that often lasts you from one psychotherapy session to another, costing you a significant amount of money in the meantime.

This takes the wheel of the Western zodiac, something that most of us will be vaguely familiar with, and merges it seamlessly with the Chinese I’ching to create a system that is replete with completely brand new meanings. You will then map yourself onto this graph to create what is known as a bodygraph.

A bodygraph is very unique to the Human Design system, tracing its origins to the Tree of Life found in the Kabbalah. This system is composed of 9 Chakras that are linked to 64 gates and 36 channels of energy, all of which flow through you. This map of flowing energy will allow you to visualize yourself for who you really are. This is a very effective method of determining whether or not you are working for or against yourself.

The Inner Working Of A Bodygraph

This type of graph is older than you and is fixed in place the day you are born. This will depend on both the time and the place of your birth, so someone born in China on February 13th will have a much different bodygraph than someone who was born in Stoke on December 15th.

Once this moment has been determined, some gates will open and some will close. These energy flows are what determine certain personality traits that have been cropping up for years and years throughout your life. These traits take the form of archetypes, all of which can be found in the I’ching.

In this system, there are 64 possible gates, each gate expresses itself in one of 6 ways, which are seen as being nuances of a particular trait. These numbers are not insignificant – they are actually found in our genetic code. DNA is constructed with 63 x 6 groups of amino acids per codon.

Connecting this idea with the concept of the human genome is very important, as it forms a bridge between your spiritual self and your physical self. This is basically how the universe has encoded your behavior with the universe.

Think of this like a pressing plant where certain templates interlock with each other at certain times, which will inevitably produce a specific mold. This process is not seen as being esoteric claptrap, this is physical science about how the universe works on a much broader spectrum.

This system exists subatomically and actually governs the way that particles behave on a quantum level. These particles are exactly how the universe works, which is why it works at the speed of light in the unique way that it does. A lot of these subatomic particles pass through your body at every single moment.

In this system, the subatomic particles are the threads that link the entire universe together. This stream of around 3 million neutrinos passes through the universe every second, literally tying you to the world around you. The DNA will often change due to certain switches in the universe, which are determined by the shifts on your bodygraph.

There are basic characteristics that are determined by a lot of these devices, each type can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Type – this is the sort of person that you are on a very basic level.
  • Strategy – This is how you are supposed to make decisions following your bodygraph.
  • Authority – This is how you access your energies in the physical realm to action your decisions.
  • Profile – This is the intersection of your conscious and unconscious personality traits.

Once you have put all these factors together, this is what is then determined at your concrete map to the nature of your being. This is a being that basically instructs and guides you simultaneously. This concrete map will be very interesting to those who want to discover their true purpose in life.

There is a lot to understand in this harmony, it is very complex, but once you begin to understand it you will know the true nature of your path in this life. Once you have understood the totality of the picture, then you’ll be able to understand how you work and what course of action you should not be taking.

Some people have stated that this map is so accurate as to their true nature that they have been astonished by the results. This will show a lot of your repeated characteristics with utter astonishing clarity. Once people have seen these they will be intrigued as to what path to take next.

This really gives credence to the idea that there is some sort of invisible force at work that we do not understand. However, one method of truly comprehending the facts of life is by understanding the Human Design system and making certain appropriate changes.

The Human Design – Reaching Your True Potential

To understand yourself following this system, you have to be aware of the system that is governing you and the one way of doing that is by determining what archetype you conform to daily. You belong to one of 4 archetypes: generator, reflector, manifestor or projector.

This is a brief breakdown of each of the different types as well as how you might fit in with that specific type:

Generator Type

Your gift to the world is the value of your work, with a general strategy that you wait to respond to various stimuli.

Manifestor Type

This is when someone is always initiating action, waiting to be informed before they act.

Projector Type

Your gift to the world is that you potentiate and guide others in their activities. Your action strategy is to wait to be invited.

Reflector Type

This type’s gift to the world is that you show people the mirror of themselves, with a strategy of waiting for one lunar cycle.

No one personality type is more beneficial to the other, you need a mixture of these types in order for the universe to function in complete harmony. One type will actually draw the best out of another type and they often work in conjunction with each other.

Your gift to the world will be a certain behavioral strategy that will help you to navigate an often fractious universe. By acting upon this strategy you’ll be able to experience much less resistance and you’ll find more happiness in your life when you act in accordance with the path given to you.

The crucial piece of yourself that will guide your decision-making is the authority of your type. This will determine how you approach your decision-making and is considered in this system as a very dominant force.

There are many different types of authority, the main one being emotional authority. This means that a human being is prone to feel different types of strong emotions, especially when it comes to the decision-making process. The Human Design system is geared to making you feel a certain emotion to get you to make a decision.

However, you might have other authorities that help you make decisions. Things like environmental concerns and gut reactions also factor into having you make decisions. A lot of people certainly empathize with this feeling of going with your gut, as it often affects how people behave.

Our Final Say

We hope that this Human Design system is appealing to you and you can use the information provided to do your own research into the topic, as there is plenty more that you can uncover. This system is one that people often dedicate a lot of their lives to, so make sure that you are ready for full immersion before committing.

The more you learn about Human Design, the more that you’ll want to comprehend its complicated facets. There is plenty of information about how the Human Design system acts as a kind of internal compass that has leverage on your mind and the decisions that you make every day.