Why You Need A Japanese Exfoliating Cloth

What could be better than super soft, glowing skin? Super soft, glowing skin that you didn’t have to work to achieve! We all crave that “woke up flawless” look, but for many of us it’s only achievable with long hours of scrubbing and a heavy application of lotions.

So prepare your bathroom for the Japanese exfoliating cloth. This textured towel might not seem very special when you first remove it from the packet – but that’s the beauty of it. The cloth doesn’t need numerous additions for silky soft skin. It’s just that good on its own.

For all the innovations in skincare, sometimes it really is best to stick with the classics. The Japanese exfoliating cloth is a tried and tested method for achieving that baby soft skin we all crave. Introduce it to your shower routine, and you’ll never look back.

What is it?

Longer than a washcloth, rougher than a towel, and softer than a loofah. The exfoliating cloth has been a staple of Japanese bathrooms for decades.

A textured surface removes the layers of dead skin easily, while remaining soft enough to prevent redness. Roughly 3-feet long, even the hardest of the hard-to-reach places become accessible. 

Easy to use

While exfoliating the face is a natural step for most of us, the skin on our body often ends up being neglected. A full body exfoliation can be a difficult process, nowhere near as relaxing as a shower should be. With the Japanese exfoliating cloth, you simply need to scrub and go. It’s easy to target rougher areas while holding back over delicate skin.

Liquids cling to the woven surface, allowing you to combine the towel with your favorite body wash for two-in-one, cleansing and exfoliating simplicity. At the end of the shower or bath, rinse it through and leave it to dry.

Reaches everywhere

We all have those patches of skin that somehow never end up exfoliated because they’re just slightly out of reach. The ones we spend half the time in the shower trying more and more outlandish yoga poses in the hopes just one more stretch will do it.

This is not an issue with the Japanese exfoliating cloth. The longer length means it can be bunched up or stretched out to reach anywhere with minimum effort. Including that patch in the middle of the back that always seems impossible. 

Gentle scrub (with a no less effective finish)

The classic dilemma of the traditional body scrub: rough enough to scrape off the skin, or smooth enough to feel good doing it? The Japanese exfoliating cloth has a subtly textured surface that gently lifts the dead skin away, without any harsh scrapes.

Use a lighter touch and the towel glides over softer skin, or an invigorating scrub on the areas that need it most. The end result is skin that practically glows, all over.

Recreates that spa experience

When lives get busy, the time for indulgence gets slashed. Relaxing showers become quick rushes to get you out of the door. But we all need time to take care of ourselves, and pay attention to our bodies.

The Japanese exfoliating cloth is so easy to use that you can add luxury without the time pressure. Methodical circular motions revitalize the skin and calm the mind.


We all need to be thinking more about what we use on a daily basis. A bathroom shelf cluttered with products is no longer a sign of a healthy skin regime – not when half of those items are never used. And although we’re past the problems of microbeads, plastic tubs of exfoliator are still causing excess waste.

A Japanese exfoliating cloth may not last you a lifetime, but it will give it a go. At the end of your shower, all you need to do is rinse off the cloth and leave it to dry! No excess, limited waste!

Everyone else is using them

Obviously, you should never buy something simply because everyone else is using it. But after a while, you do have to think: what am I missing out on? This time has come for the Japanese exfoliating cloth.

No longer a whispered indulgence amongst those particularly involved in the Asian beauty market, the Japanese exfoliating cloth is a must-have for any skincare enthusiast.

Benefits for your skin

The Japanese exfoliating cloth does what every good exfoliator does. The rough surface removes patches of dead skin, leaving you with a polished glow. Using a light pressure and a circular motion, the Japanese exfoliating cloth opens pores and stimulates blood flow.

Easy to wrap around the legs, it prevents ingrown hairs, and is great for removing cellulite. Because of its long reach, the cloth can also help fight body acne, especially across the back. All over glow, no hassle.

How to use

In the shower, or bath, rub the Japanese exfoliating cloth across the entire body, avoiding the face. Make the cloth work best for you by responding to your skin’s needs. A light touch is best on softer skin, and a deeper scrub over hard-working areas. Use the towel as is, or lather it up with your favorite body wash.

We recommend a slow, concentrated polish, to really stimulate blood flow. Exfoliating isn’t recommended for daily use, so only bring the cloth out once or twice a week. When you’ve finished, apply a top layer of lotions, rinse the cloth through, and leave it to dry.

Where to buy

Japanese exfoliating cloths can be found for sale online, or at Asian markets.

The Salux towel is a traditional choice, loved by many in Japan for decades. It’s cost-effective, long-lasting, and so good they haven’t needed to change it in years.

Goshi have created a towel that balances scrub with smooth. Exfoliating threads are woven with softer lathering threads, for a luxurious shower experience.

The ARCH&M 3-pack means you never have to go without. While one cloth is waiting to dry off, you can be ready to go with another.