Best Hair Accessories For Fine Hair

Are you fed up of trying to think of new ways to style your hair? Do you feel like you can’t do anything with your hair? Are you just done with having fine hair? Do you feel like you do not know where to turn?

If you have fine hair, then this does not mean that your hair is thin. In fact, fine hair refers to the thickness or the diameter of the actual individual strands of your hair.

There are a lot of different ways for you to work out how thick your hair is, you can do this by carrying out a strand comparison. What this involves is by taking a strand of hair and just observing it, pretty simple, right?!

Well, here we are going to show you that having fine hair can still be styled in a chic and effortless way. Here, we will talk through some of our best styling techniques and some of the best ways that you can accessorize your fine hair. Read on to find out more! 


The Perfect Red Rose Hair Pins

If you are looking for a way to style your fine hair in a chic and effortless way, then these red rose hair pins will be perfect for you.

These hairpins will keep your hair out of your face but will also let you wear your hair down! You can do this by using them to clip the two front sections of your hair back to give you a fuss-free but stylish look.

In fact, you can clip these pieces more to the side of your head just for that timeless feel.

This would be perfect especially during the spring and summer months, but this would also work well for you all year round if you particularly enjoy wearing floral print all year round.

This particular hairpin style is especially delicate, and will add something to your hair without being too in your face, or without being too girly.

This style is delicate and elegant, but the hue of red would also make these hair clips a perfect transitional piece when you want to style your hair in autumn too. They would also make the perfect festive or Valentine’s Day hair accessory too.


  • Chic Design - the floral design will go with everything, and it is effortless and also it is a timeless trend.
  • The Hue - the color of these hairpins will go with every hair color and also they will go with every complexion. 
  • Easy To Use - whether you are a hair wizard or whether you are not super confident with hair styling, these hairpins are super easy to use and will take you a few minutes to secure into the perfect position.


  • Delicate And Floral - if you are not a fan of delicate or floral fashion, then these hairpins might not be your first choice. However, it is important to note that these hairpins are super wearable and they are not an especially in your face floral hairpin.


Romantic Gold Hair Clips

If you are a lover of gold then these hairpins will be for you. They will let you style your hair in another simple yet effortless fashion. If you are wanting to wear these hair clips for a more glamorous occasion then you will definitely want to consider the gold hue.

These clips are really classy and elegant and will hold your hair out of your face without showing too much of your scalp. On the whole, these clips will make you look and feel your absolute best - and the gold florals will give you a delicate and classy aura.


  • Attractive - these hairpins will definitely attract a lot of attention, but for all of the right reasons. Everyone will want to know where you managed to find these hidden gems!
  • Simple to style - you do not have to feel intimidated about these hairpins, they are super easy to use and to incorporate into your evening looks.
  • Chic - these hairpins are so stylish, you will be foolish to not use these to accentuate your evening look!


  • Very delicate - by delicate we are referring to the style and not to the quality. If you are someone who wears bold prints then these could clash with your usual style. However, clashing is super on trend right now - so do not be afraid to experiment with a lot of different patterns.


Rose And Rhinestone Hair Claw Clips

When it comes to styling fine hair, we understand that you might feel self conscious about your scalp showing or just in general your hair not looking like it has a great amount of volume.

So, using more statement hair clips might have to be something that you build yourself up to. When it comes to styling your hair, it is all about having fun and showing off your personality.

This is something that you might have to work up to and that you might have to build your confidence on.

To do this you can try and use small hair clips. These rose and rhinestone hair claw clips work really well with using smaller pieces of hair to frame your face, as you do not need to use so much hair to make these hair clips work.

The best part about these clips is that you can still tailor them to your personal style preferences.

Whether you would prefer to style your hair with floral clips or whether you would prefer to style your hair with butterfly clips, then we have some suggestions that are perfect for you. Buy your floral mini hair clips here:


  • They’re small, but they pack a punch - these hair claw clips are on the smaller side but they are extremely effective in helping you to fix your hair, and to keep your hair from falling in your eyes.
  • Design - the design of these hair claw clips is really easy to pair with a variety of outfits. These hair claw clips are super versatile and would be the perfect day time claw clip, or a stylish night time accessory.
  • Color - the rosy tones of these hair claw clips make them super stylish and wearable, and they will complement any hair color and any complexion.


  • Smaller style - if you are looking for a big hair clip, then these will not fulfill that role. However, these hair claw clips allow you to experiment with a wide range of ways that you can style your hair.


Chic Silver Hair Pins

If you are wanting something that is even more understated than the mini clips above - then you do have a last styling resort to help you ease your way into making some bolder hair styling choices.

This so-called last styling resort would be to use hair pins. Using hair pins adds subtle elements of interest to your look without being too garish or without being essentially pointless.

What are you waiting for? Branch out and invest in the most chic silver hair pins on the market.


  • Versatile - these hairpins can be suitable for you to wear during the day, or they can compliment your evening look perfectly.
  • Color - this color is perfect for any hair color and any skin tone.
  • Complimentary - these pins are super versatile and will compliment any outfit. Not only that, but if you are a lover of silver jewelry then you will love these pins as they will compliment your jewelry well. Or, if you love to mix and match your metals these would also look great with your gold bling too.


  • Easy to lose - it is fair to say that hair pins are notorious for disappearing into the void of your handbag never to be seen again. Or you might now be convinced that your hair is eating the hair pins. Make sure that you store these hair pins in a safe place so you do not lose them.


Stylish Vintage Hair Pins

Hair pins let you style your hair so that you can keep sections out of your face, but the stylish vintage hair pins are especially attractive because they allow you to express your own personal style in a subtle and in a delicate way.

These hair pins in particular are an underrated hair accessory, and they allow you to maintain a casual daily look. Alternatively, you can also use these pins to compliment an updo.

No matter what the occasion is, these hair pins will definitely add a little something extra to your look. For a more muted look, these hair pins are perfect.


  • Easy to wear - these hairpins will go with absolutely everything, they are so effortless you do not need to think twice before pairing these hairpins with your day to day outfits.
  • Subtle - these hairpins will complement not just a variety of different outfits, but a variety of different hairstyles in a chic and subtle way. They are easy to use whether you want a half up half down hair do or a full-on updo.
  • Intricate design - the design of these hairpins is beautiful, and their subtlety does not detract from the detail of the floral design that the hairpins are adorned with.


  • Delicate - if your signature look is not on the delicate side, then these hairpins might not be for you. They might not be bold and bright, but the floral detailing of these hairpins has to be admired.

Buyers Guide

When it comes to purchasing hair accessories to help you style your fine hair, all of the ones that we have listed above are metal. This ensures durability and longevity in the lifespan of your hair accessories.

This also means that the hair accessories will be able to grip onto your hair without tearing it out.

Best Hair Accessories For Fine Hair

This is important because fine hair is gentle and also fragile. This means that your hair can be easily damaged, or it can be easily broken. So, you really need to make sure that you are especially careful when you are styling your hair in a particular way.

You should avoid doing tight braids, and you should avoid doing twists too tightly especially when you are working closely to the nape area and the edge areas of your hair.

This is where using hair claw clips can be really helpful, because they make your hair look like you have spent a really long time styling it, when really it has not taken much time to do.

Along with how you style your hair, you need to think about the different styles and also the different styling products that you would use. The difficulty with styling fine hair is that it can seem dull or it can seem lifeless.

This happens in particular when you style your hair in stretched kinds of styles, these styles would be twist outs or these styles would be braid outs. You should do these styles with bigger twists or with bigger braids, and this is a great way to avoid too much scalp showing.

Doing bigger twists or bigger braids will allow you to get a much thicker and a much fuller appearance without pulling at or manipulating your hair too much, and you will not lose so much definition by doing your twists or braids in this way.

Using hairpins will help you to grip your twists or braids in place and they will not come undone or slip down your head. This is due to the hairpins being made out of metal, this helps your hairpins to grip onto your hair without tearing it.

The best way to style your fine hair is through being smart when it comes to style over scalp showing. You can still style your hair in a way that follows trends, but this is a universal dilemma: not all trends suit every kind of person.

With fine hair, we would recommend a less is more sort of approach. Using beautiful hairpins or hair claw clips means that you can style your hair in a simple and effortless way.

But, by accessorizing your hair you get this illusion of spending a lot of time styling your hair when really, your style choices have been simple. And, you have just added some stylish hair accessories to compliment your hair styles.

Accessorizing your fine hair might seem like a daunting challenge, but through this piece we have outlined a whole host of different hair styles that will suit your hair type the best.

You can style your hair in a way that makes you feel confident and totally yourself, without having to compromise.

Whether you prefer gold, or silver - or whether you prefer floral hair accessories or whether you would rather wear butterfly hair pins, then you can find a way to style your hair with some cute accessories to make you look and to make you feel your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Just Wear My Fine Hair Down All The Time?

Absolutely not! You should not use your hair as some kind of cover up tool.

There is nothing stopping you from styling your hair in a chic updo, or by trying out one of the half up half down styles we have suggested. Do not treat having fine hair as this huge barrier - try and use it to your advantage.

How Can I Avoid My Scalp Showing?

You can do this by styling your hair in a certain way that prevents this, using clips in your go-to half up half down style will really help you with this. Also, do not overload your hair with crunchy hair spray so that it stays in place - be sure to let your hair fall naturally.

How Can I Accessorize My Fine Hair?

We have given a lot of suggestions here - but some of the best styling accessories are hair clips. You can adapt these depending on your own personal style preferences, so it is totally up to you what vibe you go for.