Rainbow Fluorite Energy Healing Properties & Meaning

What is rainbow fluorite? 

Rainbow fluorite is a stone (also known as a crystal) that is the mineral form of the compound known as calcium fluoride. 

In its purest form, rainbow fluorite is clear. It possesses no color. This version of rainbow fluorite is simply called fluorite. However, impurities within the mineral are what give it its color. 

The color of rainbow fluorite can vary a great deal. It has been said to take on all the colors of the rainbow – which would account for the name! It is these impure fluorite crystals that are sought-after for ornamental use, usually, as well as for jewelry making. 

Fluorite is found in many places around the world, such as China, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Spain, and Russia. 

Also, one of the oldest known fluorites was extracted from a mine in 19th century England. This is known as the Derbyshire Blue John mine.

The fluorite found there was named after it, becoming known as Blue John fluorite. These days, there is not much Blue John left in the mine but it is still mined for ornamental use. 

What does rainbow fluorite look like? 

Rainbow fluorite comes in a variety of colors. As you will know from the previous section, the color of fluorite depends wholly on the impurities found within it. As such, the colors can vary a huge deal. You can expect to find fluorite in colors ranging from pink to purple, green to blue, clear to yellow, and teal to burgundy. 

The technical name for the way rainbow fluorite achieves its color is allochromatic. This simply means it can be colored by elemental impurities. You may even find black, white, and brown fluorite crystals, although these are rare. 

The way fluorite crystalizes can be quite complex. Sometimes it may form an isometric cubic habit, but you may also be able to find some that are octahedral. This means you may find some that are quite smooth or some that are sharp. 

You may also find that some fluorite turns fluorescent under UV light. In fact, this is where fluorescence got its name! This means it can exhibit light, almost like glowing in the dark! 

Is rainbow fluorite the same as regular fluorite? 

Yes! Technically rainbow fluorite and regular fluorites are the same. Regular fluorite is uncolored, as it is in its purest form and has not been affected by impurities in the ground. 

Fluorite only gains color when it has been in contact with a contaminator, thus making it impure and giving it color. With this in mind, the only real difference between regular fluorite and rainbow fluorite is that one is colored and the other is not. 

Rainbow fluorite can come in a variety of colors such as green, blue, pink, purple, and yellow. Regular fluorite is transparent. I guess, with this in mind, you could take this a step further and say that a second difference between them is that rainbow fluorite is impure, and regular fluorite is pure. 

That being said, the two names are used interchangeably, and people are still likely to know what you mean whether you use either or. Some people actually choose to name fluorite based on its actual color, calling it ‘blue fluorite’ or ‘green fluorite as opposed to rainbow fluorite.  

What is the meaning of rainbow fluorite? 

The meaning of rainbow fluorite is that of peace. What I mean by this is that it is a very calming, peaceful stone that is intended to represent tranquility. 

It is connected to the elements of air and water and is also associated with a number of chakras, namely the throat chakra (especially blue rainbow fluorite), the third eye chakra, and the heart chakra. 

It is a very cleansing stone and symbolizes stability, cleansing energies, and protection of the aura. It is no surprise then, that the very name fluorite is a derivative of the Latin word fluere. This means ‘to flow’. 

The meaning of fluorite, then, can be seen as something to help your energy flow with positivity. It can also mean that we should flow more freely in life, letting go of worries and taking life as it comes, at least to some extent. 

What are the energy healing properties of rainbow fluorite?

There are so many energy healing properties of rainbow fluorite. As we mentioned above when we discussed the meaning of fluorite, it is a great stone for someone looking to relax and calm down. The reason for this is because it represents tranquility. 

It can help to heal your energy by balancing it out. If you feel as though you are being pulled in all directions, and life has gotten just a little bit overwhelming, take heed and grab some fluorite crystal to balance it all out. 

The healing energy of fluorite can help you to think logically and calmly to overcome your worries and daily stressors. It offers you clarity through a calming lens, which is especially good when you feel as though your energy is in a frenzy. 

The soothing vibes it gives off feels like a cross between a warm hug and a breath of sea air. As well as this, you can pick a fluorite stone based on the color of it, as different colors represent different things and may have slightly varied healing properties. 

Blue rainbow fluorite is great for helping you through emotional unrest. Purple helps to balance your spiritual self and aids intuition. Green is the stone of balance for the chakras, and yellow should be used for healing and visualization. 

How to use rainbow fluorite

You can use rainbow fluorite when you meditate by simply holding a piece of it in your hand when you are practicing. If you want it to work on a particular chakra, lie down and place it in the corresponding body part. 

If you prefer to wear it, buy it in a necklace or bracelet form to gain its healing energy all day. You could even place some in your home, such as next to your bed or in your study to help you feel calm at all times.