Soul Mate Versus Twin Flame – What’s The Difference?

If you are unsure as to whether you’ve met your soul mate or your twin flame, then you’re in the right place. Whilst it is understandingly confusing to spiritual newbies, the difference is actually pretty simple.

Soul Mate Versus Twin Flame – What’s The Difference

Your soulmate is a separate soul that is cut from a similar energetic cloth as you are. To contrast, a twin flame is quite literally the same soul that is split into two bodies, you are two parts of the same soul and a twin flame connection is therefore far more intense than a soul mate connection.

There are also specific stages in a twin flame connection that do not apply to a soul mate connection.

Twin flames usually connect due to a shared pain which is why these connections can become incredibly intense. This can also result in one of the interested parties running away from their respective twin flame because it is too painful to be close to them.

A twin flame connection can become toxic as both are sensitive to the other’s flaws and mirror each other’s negativity far more readily. Twin flames also suffer greatly when they’re apart from their twin in the same way that biological twins can.

There’s a continual sense of longing and the separation phase of a twin flame relationship can be some of the hardest months or years of your life.

A soul mate connection is usually far more stable as they are ideally more suited as a life partner due to the lack of intensity and similarity. They say that opposites attract, after all.

However, you will be hard pressed to find an intimacy quite like you would with a twin flame because the intensity makes for greater sex and relentlessly binding love.

Although, it is important to note that your twin flame will mirror your own vices, unhealthy habits or imbalances and this can override any sexual joy that comes from the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Choose My Soul Mate Or My Twin Flame?

You can choose to be in a relationship with either your soul mate or your twin flame and it can go one of two ways regardless.

The good thing with twin flame relationships is that once the mutually spiritual lesson has been learnt by both parties, you will have accomplished the necessary goal and the relationship will only grow stronger.

Some twin flames are also lucky enough to have learnt this lesson individually before meeting one another so it is easier for them to maintain a good relationship when they do come together.

This is just one of the many avenues that can bring twin flames into a wholesome spiritual alignment.

Soul mate connections may not come with as much spiritual work comparatively, however, they’re not always as intensely romantic.

If you are someone who gets bored easily within your relationships then a twin flame connection will be the best option for you as there’ll be a greater awareness of each other’s needs and desires and these will often be mutually agreeable.

On the flip side, soul mate relationships may actually last longer as there is less likely to be intense arguments or heated experiences that lead to destruction.

Can Soul Mates Be Twin Flames?

No, by definition, it is not possible for soul mates to be twin flames. This is because a twin flame is one soul that is split into two bodies whereas a soul mate is someone whose soul is a distinctly separate entity that we encounter on our life path.

Both twin flames and soul mates can induce spiritual awakenings which is why it is so hard to distinguish the one from the other and both can be considered karmic relationships which makes it equally difficult to determine whether your respective partner is your soul mate or twin flame.

A karmic relationship is like a life guide but it is only temporary, both parties find one another for a divine purpose in order to balance out their karma and heal towards growth.

Which Is Better Or Worse?

There is no determinable answer to this as it is all based on context.

If you are in a relationship with your twin flame and the sex is incredible but you have heated and toxic arguments, then this is ultimately more damaging to your spiritual wellbeing than if you were in a relationship with a soul mate where you feel secure and comfortable at all times.

A twin flame relationship can be incredibly nurturing but only if both parties have worked on their inner growth and vitality. This is quite literally the only way to ensure that twin flame relationships do not become chaotic.

Twin flame relationships usually feel far deeper because the aim of these relationships is to lead to spiritual wholeness, however, this is only possible if both parties are working on the soul.

Does Your Twin Flame Have To Be Romantically Involved?

Whilst this is typically the case, your twin flame can actually be a friend or family member as opposed to a romantic partner.

Twin flame relationships involve any two people that come together to work through their relevant life lessons and achieve wholeness together and this can be applied to any relevant relationship.

Whether you’ve met your soul mate or twin flame is irrelevant when considering the core notion that people come into our lives for a reason and a season.

Everyone that we encounter has something to teach us and vice versa. When we choose to focus on our own inner growth, we will naturally gravitate towards those who are operating at a similar spiritual frequency and will therefore attract those people in our lives who are right for our betterment, whether they are a soul mate or a twin flame.

However, you can only have one twin flame in your lifetime and this is why there is so much emphasis placed on twin flame relationships within the spiritual community.

The twin flame is you and this can be a confusing and scary premise to wrap your head around when you encounter your twin flame and is one of the many reasons why one of the respective parties tends to run from the other for a period of time before reuniting.

The emotions can feel overwhelmingly intense and you may feel all-consumed by your desires and thoughts about your twin flame. Rest assured that they’ll be feeling exactly the same way as you are the same soul.

You should think of your twin flame relationship as a literal flame, if you can both individually work on your collective soul then the result will be a happy and strong burning flame that brings you warmth all year round.

However, if one or both of you are overwhelming the soul by being too dominating or alternatively, underwhelming it by neglecting yourself through addiction or other vices then the flame will eventually die out and you will both be left feeling incomplete.

Fire is also incredibly dangerous to walk through and causes intense pain, so this is something to bear in mind when engaging in a twin flame relationship.

In contrast, a soul mate has a deep connection with you that is mutually agreeable. Soul mates share their different souls and intertwine them respectively, teaching one another how to grow without the intensity involved in a twin flame relationship.

A soul mate connection is far more like a pair of clasped hands where the fingers are willingly intertwined and locked onto one another to hold the connection in place.

This is why a soul mate connection may seem more favorable to some because it is a mutually agreeable relationship with someone who shares the same energetic frequency as you.

You will be able to negotiate your differences accordingly and the fun of a soul mate relationship lies in the fact that there’s always something new to discover about their different soul.

These relationships can have moments of intensity, of course, but there is far less intensity in a soul mate relationship than in a twin flame connection because there are usually less significant lessons to learn.

Soul mate connections are not usually formulated from a place of pain and thus, the respective parties can take their time to get to know each other properly without the fear and limitations that are posed by triggering the others’ sensitivities.

A twin flame will know what buttons to push to upset you because they are you and you are them. They’ll also know how to bring you happiness in equal measure for the same reason.

You should not be in fear of a twin flame connection, no matter how intense and overwhelming it may feel when you first encounter your twin flame. Have faith and trust that the universe is guiding you towards this person for both of your highest good.

As long as you are both willing to learn the collective lesson, you are guaranteed to find a love that is like nothing that you have ever experienced before.