The New Brew: Is Golden Coffee Your New Cup of Tea?

Golden coffee is a new way of roasting coffee. It is a much less acidic blend and is believed to be better than regular coffee for those struggling with digestive issues. It is very lightly roasted, falling somewhere between a green and blonde roast. 

Gold coffee has only recently exploded in popularity after the brand Golden Ratio released its version in the later months of 2020. The coffee when made is similar in color to a cup of tea and has a much more mild flavor than regular coffee. This means that it will also not have the staining effect on your teeth that regular black coffee does. 

Golden Ratio selects their coffee beans from Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Brazil. The beans chosen are premium single-origin beans. They are roasted over very low heat for an extended period of time to ensure the beans do not darken. 

The company aims to promote ethical and sustainable farming and pays its farmers fairly. Their belief is that this increased purchase price leads to better quality coffee beans. The packaging is formed from organic cotton with no synthetic materials or artificial dyes. 

Acidity and caffeine content

As we have already mentioned, golden roast coffee is markedly less acidic than regular coffee. This is unusual as lighter roasts tend to be more acidic. The reason for this is lighter roasts are commonly roasted for a shorter time at a similar heat. Golden coffee undergoes an extensive period of roasting which depletes the acidity level. It is estimated that gold coffee is 5 times less acidic than regular coffee. 

The specific compound impacted is known as quinic acid, which is what gives the stomach astringent qualities to regular coffee. The antioxidants in coffee beans break down during the roasting process to form these acid compounds, giving medium and dark roast coffees the bitter taste. 

Gold coffee is also higher in caffeine than regular coffee. A standard cup of coffee will contain around 90 milligrams of caffeine, but a gold coffee contains closer to 100 milligrams. This may not seem like much of a difference, but trust us, you will notice it. 

What does gold coffee taste like?

Many people say that gold coffee is not only visually similar to tea but that the taste is similar to. Gold coffee has floral, nutty, and bright tones and is not bitter like regular coffee. It is soft and smooth and will go down easily. 

Golden Ratio makes a variety of flavored coffees too. These include Chai Spiced and Vanilla Coconut. As well as this, they offer Golden Milk, Pumpkin Spice, Spiced Cookie, and Chocolate Mint.

The Chai Spiced coffee is made with a blend of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice to give a warming taste. The Vanilla Coconut flavor is mildly sweet and comforting and goes down a treat. 

The Golden Milk coffee is similar to a turmeric latte. It combines turmeric, vanilla, and black pepper for a mellow but mildly spiced kick. The Pumpkin Spice blend is flavored with pumpkin flakes, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. The Spiced Cookie blend is predominantly flavored with cloves and cinnamon. The Chocolate Mint blend tastes like cocoa and mint leaves.

We strongly recommend purchasing the Golden Ratio variety pack to allow you to try all of the flavors. This will help you to discover your favorite. All of the coffee blends are sweetened naturally using erythritol and monk fruit extract. 

Monk fruit is also referred to as Buddha fruit. It is native to southeast Asia and has held FDA approval for use as a sweetener since 2010. The sweetness comes from the juice of the fruit, which is then dried and ground into a powder.

The original Gold coffee blend uses just Ethiopian coffee beans. Their Chai Spiced blend uses Brazilian coffee beans, and the Vanilla Coconut blend combines Ethiopian, Nicaraguan, and Brazilian coffee beans for a unique flavor. 

The company introduces a new flavor of their coffee blend 4 times a year. For the easiest way to try them, we recommend subscribing to their membership program, known as Midas Membership. This means that the company will send you a sample of every new flavor they release, without any hassle on your behalf. 

How do you make gold coffee?

The Golden Ratio gold coffee comes in highly convenient coffee bags, making the experience even closer to tea. Steep these coffee bags in hot water for a few minutes before drinking for the easiest coffee experience ever. 

Alternatively, you can use the coffee bags to make a cold brew. Add a coffee bag to a large glass of water and place it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning your gold coffee will be perfectly brewed and ready for you to enjoy. 

What are the benefits of gold coffee?

Gold coffee contains less acid than regular coffee, as we have already established. This means that it is good for those suffering from acid reflux or digestive discomfort. Gold coffee is also less of a natural laxative than standard coffee. It will give you fewer stomach cramps and many people prefer it as a result. 

A cup of gold coffee can contain up to 50% more caffeine than a standard coffee. This is due to the slow roasting process that helps to preserve the caffeine content. 

Gold coffee will not stain your teeth, unlike traditional darker roasts. This is great if you regularly drink black coffee, which leaves your teeth very susceptible to discoloration. It will also give you less of a coffee breath, meaning that those close to you will be happier. 

Golden Ratio gold coffee is made from all natural ingredients. The coffee bags are vegan, paleo-friendly, and keto-friendly. This means that they are suitable for pretty much everyone to consume. The packets can be stored for up to a year with no deterioration in flavor or quality. The coffee bags also contain no sugar, making them a healthy choice.