3 Crystals For Clearing Negative Energy + Cleansing Your House

All buildings have energy. Some have good energy. Some have bad energy. Some have such vibrant energy that you would swear they were human. In truth, our homes should be treated as though they were human and you should take care of them in a similar way. Just like you use crystal healing to overcome anxiety, to help calm you down, and to ward off negative vibes, your house needs the same treatment. 

Crystal healing for the home should, in my opinion, be common practice. Whether your home is new or old, it has its own field of energy. Of course, older homes will be more susceptible to this and will have lots more energy especially if it has been lived in by many people. Not all of this energy will be good, of course, especially if people living in your home or even visiting it were experiencing negative emotions.

Houses should go through regular cleansing in order to help dispel the negative energy from it. When you first move into your home, intense cleansing should be done, and then you should regularly keep on pp of it.

You can do this easily by keeping certain crystals in your home. I always recommend picking out some crystals that help you feel good and are known to have cleansing properties. These can be used in conjunction with another form of cleansing that is more active such as sound cleansing or incense cleansing. 

In this article, I want to explore three of the best crystals for clearing negative energy and cleansing your house. I will also be looking at different ways you can actively cleanse your house alongside the use of these crystals. So, if you want your house to always have good vibes or you can feel some negative energy in it right now and want to dispel it, then this could be the perfect article for you. 

Black tourmaline 

Black tourmaline is what I refer to as my own personal bodyguard. Not only does it stop negative energy from affecting you, but it also fosters a positive outlook and keeps negative energy away from your home.

It works like a sponge in that it literally soaks up all of the negative energy from around you, whether that be from people or from your home. It is very grounding, helping to keep you stabilized, as well as protecting the positive energy in your energy field. 

Black tourmaline has very high energy and vibrations. Even a small piece is very powerful and it is an excellent addition to any home, especially at the threshold as you enter your home. Place it by the boundary of the front door (or whatever entrance is most used to enter your home). This will stop negative energy from entering. You can also place it in the corners of each of your rooms to soak up bad energy. 

Clear quartz 

Clear quartz is the ideal crystal to use when you want to ensure the energy inside your home remains clean and pure. Not only can it help dispel negative energy from your home, but it can also protect your home, ensuring the positive energy always stays. 

You can use it alone or in conjunction with the black tourmaline we told you about in the previous section. When used together, black tourmaline is powerful at clearing all negativity out and clear quartz attracts positive energy. 

You can place it at various points in your home but it is especially good in the rooms you spend the most time in. You should place it in the kitchen as it can help to keep things cleansed and pure (of course these are important in a kitchen). You can also use this crystal after any arguments in your home. 

Because clear quartz is a transparent crystal, it is also very good for achieving clarity in a situation. With this in mind, you can use it as a way of clearing thoughts after they have been muddied with negativity. 

You can also easily program your clear quartz to assist you in whatever you need it to. So, to make it extra potent, you can program it to cleanse and dispel negativity from your home and the people in it, as well as helping to protect your home and keep the positive energies inside. 


Lastly, I want to tell you all about amethyst. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a cop-out recommending amethyst as I tend to recommend it for everything. However, this is just a testament to how incredibly powerful it is. When used as a form of protection in the home, it can cleanse and dispel your home and all of those who enter it of negativity. The energy of amethyst is one of love, happiness, calm, tranquility, and contentment. 

Amethyst has a constant flow of energy, and for something so calming, it is a powerful little thing. The main reason I wanted to recommend this is because of the calm energy it fosters. It is very important that you replenish the energy of your home after you dispel it of negativity, and amethu=st is the perfect stone to use for this. Keep it at your door, by your bedside, and in any other room of your home to ensure calm and peace stays behind even after a huge cleansing session. 

It is something of a cleansing stone in itself in that the calmness it produces can overpower any negative energy. You may even mind that you can extend this positive energy by keeping some amethyst on your person perhaps as a tumblestone or in some jewelry. 

House cleansing methods for clearing negative energy 

Now that you are all clued up on the top three crystals to use to help clear negative energy, it is time to explore some of the different active cleansing methods you can utilize in your home. Different cleansing methods are suited to different people, and even different homes. One method of clearing negative energy may work for you whilst another might not.

Working with energy is pretty much trial and error a lot of the time, but when you find what works for you hold onto it and utilize it often. Below are some of the best negative energy cleansing routines I’ve ever used:

Incense cleansing 

This method of cleansing is relatively straightforward, especially since lots of people may already have some incense lying around the house. Choose incense that is pure and without any added chemicals or substances.

You can choose incense that has cleansing properties such as frankincense. Light the stick, let it burn for a few seconds, and then blow it out when it starts to smoke. You will be left with a glowing ember and a line of smoke flowing from the stick or cone. 

Carefully hold this and guide it through the rooms of your house, setting intentions to cleanse as you go. Imagine all of the negative energy being dispelled by the incense smoke. 

When all the rooms are cleansed, place the incense stick in a designated holder and let it finish burning. 

Smoke cleansing 

Smoke cleansing can be done by lighting bunches of dried herbs and then blowing out the flames, much in the same way as you would light an incense stick. 

Do not be tempted to use sage or Palo Santo since these plants are slowly being threatened and becoming at risk of endangerment. They are two sacred herbs used by Native American and First Nations people and so should not be used by anyone other than these groups. 

Instead, you can choose homegrown dried sage, dried rosemary, dried thyme, or even dried lavender. All of these work to cleanse negative energy. 

When the stream of smoke is flowing, take it around all the rooms of your house and imagine the smoke is dispelling all the negative energy and cleansing the rooms. 

When you have finished you can extinguish it or leave it to burn down on a safe heat-proof and fire-proof surface. 

Sound cleansing 

Sound cleansing can be done with a bell or with a singing bowl. Enter into each room calmly with the vision of cleansing in your mind. Take some deep breaths and ring the bell or use the singing bowl. As the sound resounds around each room, imagine the room being cleansed and the negative energy dissipating. 

Intention cleansing 

Lastly, we have intention cleansing. This method requires nothing other than your mind. Ensure you are relaxed and in a neutral or positive headspace. Walk into each room and send intentions into it to cleanse it and clear out any negative energy. This should only be done if you trust your intentions enough to power these actions. 

All of these cleansing methods can be used alongside the crystals we discussed earlier in the article. Simply do these cleansing methods first before setting your crystals into their spaces, or you can use the method when the crystals are already in place.