Healing Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide From A-Z

For those who are spiritually inclined, crystals can provide a great deal of guidance, comfort and support in a variety of different ways. Today, allow us to take you through over fifty different gorgeous stones and what benefits they offer you.


Gorgeously green, this fiery stone is believed to get those creative juices flowing, broadening your horizons further than you ever thought possible. It’s also great to unblock your crown chakra, so you can let the universe in.


Balancing your emotions, eradicating unnecessary fears and casting all negative energy out of your mind, this crystal is ideal for the overthinker. If you’re sick of wondering what to do, try popping some Amber in your pocket.


Popular, purple and powerful, Amethyst will connect you to the spiritual realm and guide you in matters of the heart, but it can also be helpful when you’re struggling with physical ailments, providing some much needed relief.


A strikingly vivid and beautiful blue, you’ll spend hours staring at a hunk of Andara. If you’re looking to do some deep introspection and figure out which path is right for you, its profound energy and spiritual connection can be a good place to start.


Chakras misaligned? Angelite will put your crown, third eye and throat back into balance, so you can more easily attune your mind to the higher frequencies needed for communicating with your spirit guide or guardian angel.


Funnily enough, this crystal harnesses all the healing powers of water and puts them right in the palm of your hand. Struggling to move on or experiencing roadblocks? Allow Aquamarine to help carry you through with the changing tides.


Often nicknamed The Gambler’s Stone, you’ll find many spiritual folks carry Aventurine for good luck, for instance if on their way to a job interview. Sure, there’s no “evidence” of its actions, per se, but it won’t make you any less lucky!


Deeply connected to the divine, you may have heard this crystal referred to as the Stone Of The Heavens, keeping your faith steadfast and your will strong, even when you’re being tested the most or pushed to your limits.


Though it’s not got the calming energies of your typical crystal, don’t mistake Bloodstone as aggressive: it provides sheer strength and boosts your energy, so you can power through whatever your day throws at you.

Blue Lace Agate

Soft and gentle just to look at, Blue Lace Agate is often cited as helpful for those who struggle to express themselves or explain their thoughts. Want to speak out more or get better at public speaking? Allow BLA to wash a calm wave over you.

Black Tourmaline 

Dark and deep, this rich black crystal is fantastic for repelling negative energy, especially popular amongst those who are naturally predisposed to empathy. You’ll stop getting brought into drama against your will AND feel more confident in saying no.

Cathedral Quartz

So named for their gorgeous castle-like silhouettes, this intriguing crystal can be useful for those looking into the past, trying to find out more about the history of their family or just going back in time in general.


Striking and vivacious, Carnelian is an impressive array of red and orange, giving you a much needed productivity boost when you need it the most. It’s almost impossible to be tired with some of this around!


As the name suggests, Celestite is a heavenly crystal offering you a deeper connection to the spiritual plane. If you’re after a chat with your guardian angel, this is the crystal to meditate with.


Another appropriately titled crystal, Citrine is zesty like a citrus orange, and much like its fruity counterpart, is absolutely good for you. Encouraging growth in multiple ways, whether that’s spiritually, in relationships or as a person, it’s well worth having around.

Clear Quartz

Totally transparent, if you need some clarity in your life, then clear quartz will reveal the truth to you incredibly quickly, as well as help you identify those who might not be giving you the right information.


Working on self-love? Danburite will help you take all of the sweetness you have inside and give it to yourself, for a one way ticket to enlightenment and enhanced spirituality.

Desert Rose

So named for its stunning floral formation, this is a type of Selenite that’s beautiful enough to get its own special shoutout. It’s a fantastic meditation buddy, getting you nice and grounded before you begin.


Struggling to catch those zzzs? Pop a bit of Dolomite by your pillow and hopefully your insomnia, poor sleeping schedule or nightmares will be no more, thanks to its soothing vibes.


Potentially the key to finding your soulmate, Emerald is often called the stone of successful love, ready to put you on the path to a partner who’s as loyal as they are loving – as long as you’re karmically deserving of one, of course.


Stunning colorations and anti-anxiety properties make Fluorite one of the most popular crystals of the moment, sure to help you settle down even just by staring at it for a while.


One of the easiest crystals to recognize, the rich red color of Garnet is a hint to its seductive and sexy properties: it may bring passion to many places in your life, not necessarily just the bedroom.

Golden Topaz

Sick of attracting the wrong kind of person into your life? You’ll find that this gorgeous yellow stone will help the universe summon only the right folks for you. We could all use a little more sunshine in our lives.


Impressively shiny and super cool to look at, much like a suit of armour, Hematite is a physical and metaphorical shield from any distractions and will keep you protected against spiritual harm.


Too many thoughts or an over-active imagination? Howlite cna bring some much needed quiet to a mind that is overwhelmingly loud.


Vibrant and violet, Iolite is the Stone Of The Muses, bringing you closer to the spirits than ever before and setting your own creativity free.


Part of the Quartz family, when you hear people refer to the Supreme Nurturer they’re talking about Jasper. In times of strife, it can help you to remain calm and stay honest with yourself. 


Spiritual in a variety of cultures, most notably Ancient China, Jade is important to a great deal of people for its positive properties and natural beauty.


Pretty and pink, this crystal is a maternal one that brings wisdom, offering you a direct line to higher powers. Kunzite is especially recommended for use by new mothers.


Unblocking your chakras and pushing away any negative vibrations, the tranquil calm offered by Kyanite is well worth gifting to yourself.


Mixing magnificent colors of the sea, Labradorite washes over you with good vibrations.


Considered to be the Stone Of Transition, if you’re trying to quash old unpleasant habits or harmful behaviors, try meditating with some lepidolite.

Lapis Lazuli

For self awareness and expression, there’s nothing better than the protective connectedness of the beautiful Lapis Lazuli to help you achieve a deep inner dive for answers and understanding.


Taking in all bad vibes and negative energy, Malachite might encourage you to follow your heart and be impulsive a little too much, so be careful!


Old, rare and wise, Nuummite offers much wisdom about the secrets of the world – make sure to take the time out to listen to your Nuummite, as it won’t offer such precious knowledge up to just anybody.


Another spiritual shield, you can achieve self-growth and block out unwanted negative vibes with Obsidian, encouraging yourself to embark on new adventures and still feel safe.


Freeing your spirit and helping you to be more independent than you thought possible, if you’re a shy arty type looking to spread your rings then consider Opal for a companion on your journey.


For peace in all facets of your life, and the encouragement of health and wellbeing, The Stone Of Compassion, or Peridot, might even help you get to sleep faster, too!

Pink Tourmaline

We all need help to love ourselves and others better. For those looking to open their hearts, as well as find a way to stay level and calm even when you’re struggling, curb your anxieties with Pink Tourmaline.


Are you a healer who needs some healing, who often forgets that they, too, need a little bit of extra love and support sometimes? Then you also need Prehnite – trust us, just go and get some.


When you’re sick of forgetting things all the time, and you’d also like some intellectual stimulation and protection from negativity to book, try Pyrite on for size and see what happens.


People who are struggling to let go of past trauma could find meditating with Rhodonite a great comfort, as it is a good mediator that allows you to process things more easily.

Rose Quartz

Another classically beloved crystal, the simply radiant Rose Quartz represents universal love and harmony amongst all people. Who doesn’t need a bit of that in their life?!


Symbolic of love and warmth, with energies centered around the family and home, Ruby is the crystal of the fiercely protective and family oriented. It promotes honor, loyalty, imaginative thinking and improved concentration generally.


Helping you find balance when you’ve lost it, as well as promoting realignment of the chakras, you can restore peace in all elements of your life – or at least, for you anyway! – with the help of Sapphire and regular meditation.


A cleansing, purifying crystal, Selenite can be used to charge up the power of your other special stones, as well as provide relief when you’re stressed.

Smoky Quartz

Don’t let it’s mysterious colors fool you: Smoky Quartz is all about clarity and freeing one’s mind from unwarranted anxiety, depression or even suicidal feelings. It’s not a miracle by any means, but it certainly helps.

Tiger’s Eye

Renowned in many cultures as a symbol of protection, Tiger’s Eye will not only keep you safe from physical and spiritual harm, but it should also serve as a token of good luck. You’ll find it offers clarity and wisdom that will guide you to resolutions.


Clean, clear and calm, Turquoise is a bold blue stone that offers a helping hand in times of exhaustion or depression. It can soothe and clear blocked chakras, neutralise nastiness and offer healing properties in many aspects of your life.


Boasting joy and abundance, you’ll find favor everywhere you go carrying some Topaz with you. For love and light wherever you need it, whenever you need it, you may also find it helpful when you’re trying to forgive somebody, or yourself.