The Best Crystals For Lucid Dreaming, Dream Work & Recall

Crystals may be a word that brings to mind images of smoke-filled corridors or fortune-tellers staring into a glass ball. But did you know that crystals can also be extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health?

Not only can crystals be used to heal our natural energy, but they can also be used to open our minds, allowing us to access our dreamscapes while we sleep.

The Best Crystals For Lucid Dreaming, Dream Work & Recall

So if you want to induce lucid dreaming or tap into a previous vision that you have experienced, then you need to make sure that you are using the correct crystals for the job. Otherwise, you will not be able to recall your dreams or open your mind to the possibility of lucid dreaming.

To make sure that you are using the correct crystals to access your dreams, we have compiled a selection of the best crystals for lucid dreaming, dream work and recall.

Not only are these crystals known for their powerful properties, but they are also closely associated with the practice of accessing dreams and can be used to induce vivid experiences during the night.

So let’s take a look at what crystals you will need to invoke your lucid dreams…

Can You Use Crystals For Lucid Dreaming?

If you are interested in experiencing a lucid dream, then it is possible to use crystals to open your mind, which can make your dreams more accessible and vivid.

When it comes to using crystals, your lucid dreams will become more frequent and natural, which means you will also be able to invoke your dreams during the night.

However, it is important to note that lucid dreaming only takes place during rapid eye movement (REM) and therefore you will need to be comfortable to ensure that you reach this level of consciousness.

If you are the kind of person who is prone to waking up in the middle of the night, then you may not reach the REM stage, which can make lucid dreaming almost impossible.

So to engage in lucid dreaming, you will need to make sure that you are sleeping in a dark and comfortable environment, with little noise or obstruction.

Beyond this, you will also need to use the correct crystals and analyze your experiences during the next day. Of course, if your lucid dreams are impacting your sleep patterns or mental health, you should seek the help of a medical professional.

Now that you understand the basics of lucid dreaming, let’s take a look at the best crystals you can use to access your dreams…

Best Crystals For Lucid Dreaming & Recall

The following crystals have each been chosen for their natural energy, which can be used to open the mind and recall your dreams:

Rainbow Moonstone

Otherwise known as white labradorite, rainbow moonstone is a beautiful crystal that is often considered the best for lucid dreaming, as it is closely associated with nature and otherworldly powers.

The crystal usually takes the form of a milky white stone with alluring gleams of blue, gold and peach.

When used to access lucid dreams, rainbow moonstone is said to open synchronicity, which allows the flow of harmony for dream-inducing sleep.

Because of its calm and relaxing energy, the stone also helps to focus the mind, which can provide you with the necessary components for lucid dreaming.

Beyond this, the crystal is capable of accessing past lives, which can provide closure for previous experiences and trauma. It also works to cleanse your aura and deflect any negative energies that could result in the production of nightmares.

Because the stone contains almost every color of the rainbow, its spectrum will allow your consciousness to open, making it possible to access your dreams during the night. The stone is considered to be very intense, as it will give the user complete control over their lucid dreams.


  • Rainbow moonstone is suitable for users who suffer from anxiety, as the stone can help to reduce negative energies and promote lucid dreams.
  • If a person suffers from a lack of imagination, then they can use this crystal to open their mind to various experiences during the night.


Amethyst is considered to be one of the best crystals for opening your third eye and crown chakras, which can influence your lucid dreams.

For this reason, amethyst remains a popular choice among users hoping to access their dreams on a more conscious level, making it the perfect addition to our list.

Not only is amethyst associated with spirituality and contentment, but it is also known for its metaphysical abilities, which can be used to calm the mind and promote meditation. The stone also works as a natural reliever for stress, mood swings, anger, anxiety and depression.

Because of these characteristics, amethyst is able to invoke positive emotions such as tranquillity and calmness, which are both considered essential elements for the production of lucid dreams.

Amethyst is also connected to the third eye and crown chakras, which allow the user to see beyond the limits of the physical world.

The crystal can be used to prevent negative energies, which can lead to the reduction of nightmares, allowing you to embrace and merge with your lucid dreams.


  • Amethyst can be used to calm the mind before bed, which makes it the ideal crystal for users with anxious or racing thoughts.
  • The crystal is suitable for users hoping to access other realms of existence and improve their psychic abilities.


In recent years, moldavite has seen a boom in its popularity, with the crystal being considered one of the best for lucid dreaming. However, this does not mean that the stone does not come with its dangers, as it is a powerful conduit that can have a profound effect on its user.

In some cases, invoking this crystal has been known to cause strange side effects such as lightheadedness, racing heartbeats, hot flashes and emotional releases. So it is important to do your research on moldavite before using it to access your dreamscape.

For although it remains one of the best crystals for lucid dreaming, its power can prove too much for some people.

Moldavite can usually be purchased in different shades of green, with the most popular colors including forest green, lime green and royal green. The stone itself can also be identified by its feathery accents, which help to highlight its natural shade.

The stone is considered a symbol of the new age, as it carries the energy of an extraterrestrial world, with the ancient mineral supposedly originating from outer space.

Because of its alien energies, the crystal has the ability to induce lucid dreams, as well as promote clear visions during the night.

Beyond this, the stone is said to radiate a powerful energy, which can be felt upon first contact. This energy enables the flow of blood through the body and can be used to clear the mind before going to sleep.

The crystal is also said to act as a natural amplifier, which means it can enhance psychic energies and open your third eye.


  • Moldavite is the ideal crystal for spiritual users who hope to experience powerful lucid dreams, as the stone can be used to access past lives and experiences.
  • If a person wants to improve their dream recall, moldavite can be used as a powerful instrument during this practice.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is widely considered to be one of the best crystals for lucid dreaming, as it remains the most accessible and affordable crystal on the market.

This particular crystal works as a powerful conductor for lucid dreaming because of its close association with the mind, which can allow you to enter your consciousness and control the elements of your dreamscape.

Beyond this, clear quartz also helps to protect its user from negative energy, which can make you feel more optimistic during your lucid dreams.

The stone also comes with the uncanny ability to block and remove undesirable energy from your environment, which can sometimes interrupt your lucid dreams.

Of course, clear quartz is also distinguished by its lack of color, which equates the stone with inner peace, solemnity and tranquillity, emotions that help to attract restfulness and vivid dreams.


  • Clear quartz can help to clear the mind of users who are prone to nightmares, resulting in the production of peaceful and lucid dreams.
  • The stone can be used to protect users from negative spiritual energy, which can lead to troubled visions and nightmares.


Otherwise known as chessylite, azurite is a stunning crystal that is often distinguished by its distinctive blue hue, with the stone also acting as a powerful conduit in the induction of lucid dreaming.

As a crystal, azurite helps to access astral travel, as well as improve meditation and sharpen your imagination.

By using the crystal to unlock these attributes, you will be able to open your mind to lucid dreams, which will flow effortlessly through your mind without ever losing their inspiration.

Beyond this, the stone also works to heighten your intuition and latent psychic abilities, which will allow you to access higher dimensions and elevate your openness to partake in lucid dreams.


  • Azurite is a suitable crystal for users who lack imagination, as it allows them to open their minds and engage with their dreamscapes.
  • If a person wants to improve their dream recall, then azurite can be used to sharpen their intuition.

Shamanic Dream Stone (Lodolite)

For the final crystal on our list, we have chosen the shamanic dream stone, an ancient mineral that has been used by shamans for thousands of years.

Known for its ability to open the mind and produce detailed visions, the crystal has since been used as a powerful conduit for lucid dreaming, with the stone recalling positive memories and energy.

When we dream, we often dream about things that we focus on, whether that be work or our favorite pet. So if you are constantly thinking about the negative attributes of your life, then you could make yourself prone to unrest and nightmares.

Lucid nightmares can be extremely unenjoyable, which is why a piece of lodolite can help to promote positive thoughts and dreams.

Not only can shamanic dream stone protect you from negative thoughts and nightmares, but it can also take you on a lucid journey through your dreamscape, allowing you to make a powerful connection with your subconscious mind.

As a crystal, shamanic dream stone is known to radiate a warm energy that encourages the user to live a bolder existence, this means that you will be more willing to take risks and enjoy life to the fullest.

Beyond this, the crystal is often depicted as a symbol of transformation and change, as it encourages the user to overcome their shortcomings and grow as a person.

If you have the ability to connect with spirits, then this particular crystal can also be used to open a direct line of communication between you and the ethereal realms, resulting in a merger of the mind and spirit.


  • If a person suffers from nightmares, they can use shamanic dream stone to open their minds and promote pleasant lucid dreams.
  • Shamanic dream stone is suitable for users hoping to connect with spirits through their dreamscape.

Honorable Mentions

While the crystals we have discussed are some of the best for lucid dreaming, this does not mean that they are the only ones available. In fact, there are many gemstones that can be used to access your dreamscape, which is why we have compiled the following list of honorable mentions:

  • Herkimer diamond
  • Dream quartz
  • Smoky quartz
  • Scolecite
  • Celestine
  • Angelite
  • Phenacite
  • Blue calcite

How To Use Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

It is possible to induce lucid dreams through the use of crystal healing, as there are many crystals that are capable of opening your mind to the possibility of a lucid experience.

While trying to invoke any kind of dream work, it is important to make your surroundings as comfortable as possible, as you have to reach a certain level of sleep to experience a lucid dream.

Even though it is possible to use crystals to invoke lucid dreams, this does not mean that you can also use them to ensure a deep sleep, especially when you are sleeping in an environment that is full of loud sounds and bright lights.

So before you can begin inducing your lucid dreams, you will need to create an area that is both comfortable and equipped for lucid dreaming.

Let’s take a look at how you can do this:

  1. Go to your room and turn off any bright lights that could disturb the darkness. If your room is prone to natural light, make sure to cover the windows with cardboard or purchase blackout curtains for the best results.
  2. Once you have eliminated the light in your room, your next step will be to make your surroundings as quiet as possible. This can be done using soundproofing techniques or by purchasing a pair of earplugs.
  3. After this has been completed, find a comfortable pillow and blanket that keep your body temperature at a comfortable level. If you prefer to be cooler when you sleep, you can use lighter blankets during the night. However, if you prefer being warm, then you can use thick comforters and different layers.

When you have transformed your bedroom into a suitable environment for dream work, you will need to gather your crystals and begin invoking your lucid dreams. If you have any difficulty with this practice, then you can use the following instructions to help:

  1. Meditate before bed by placing your healing crystal in the palm of your hand or on your third eye chakra – you should do this for around 20 minutes before going to sleep.
  2. When you have finished meditating, take your healing crystals and place them on your bedside table. For the best results, you can also place your crystals under your pillow while you sleep, although this can make them prone to falling behind the bed during the night.
  3. If you want to keep your crystals on your person while you sleep, then you can wear them on a bracelet or charm, as this is the safest way to wear your crystals during the night. We do not recommend wearing your crystals on a necklace, as this could be a choking hazard.