How To Activate Moldavite The Right Way

Known for its striking green or blue-green color, moldavite is a beautiful gemstone that has been around for millions of years. We don’t know why moldavite forms on Earth for certain, though we have theories that it originated from ancient space debris craters or lightning striking near volcanoes.

How To Activate Moldavite The Right Way

Fortunately, we don’t need to know exactly where it came from to reap the benefits that come with owning, activating, and energizing moldavite in your home.

Here we’ve covered what moldavite is, how it is activated, rules surrounding the activation of moldavite, and then how it’s re-energized and programmed in specific circumstances. Let’s start with what moldavite is, for those who aren’t in the know.

The Origins Of Moldavite

Moldavite is thought to be a natural glass created during the impact of a meteorite on Earth. These are called tektites and they range from millimeters to centimeters in size.

The substance was first found in the Czech Republic (then Bohemia) in the late 1700s, where it was referred to as chrysolites. Having been found near the Moldau river, it was later renamed moldavite in 1800s publications and has since been found in modern-day Germany and Austria too.

Of course, moldavite has been around for much longer than just a few hundred years. In fact, we believe we have tracked moldavite to the original craters where the substance was first introduced to our planet.

Those would be the Nordlinger Ries Crater or the Steinheim Crater, or possibly both.

These are a pair of craters in Southern Germany that were caused by meteorite impacts approximately 14.7 million years ago. It is thought that the impact was a binary asteroid, two similar and co-orbiting rocks that created moldavite in the two separate locations.

It has long been associated with sacred decoration and cosmic forces, even before we truly understood what the stone is and where it came from.

The Properties Of Moldavite

Moldavite is often semi-translucent with more transparent variants. It’s a greenish-blue but, with thicker hues, there can also be notes of brown present on the gemstone’s surface.

Due to how it’s theorized to have arrived on Earth, it’s quite rare and has been thought of as precious and powerful as a result.

The stone can bring about benefits in your life by keeping it around, especially due to its strong vibration. With moldavite in your possession, it is believed that you can better see and anticipate people’s intentions towards you.

This can help remove negative influences on your life or avoid unnecessary stress or financial issues from making bad investments. As a result of inviting less stress into your life, you can become healthier as a result.

To keep moldavite around our person, it is held and stored in its raw form but can also be worked into jewelry. For example, moldavite rings or pendants are popular as a means of keeping this precious material always connected to you and your aura.

To make it look more aesthetic and improve its beneficial effects, moldavite is combined with other precious stones that are thought to magnify its benefits, like quartz or carnelian.

Activating Moldavite

Here we have all you need to know about activating moldavite, so you can activate your own precious materials and reap the benefits.

For The First Time

When activating moldavite for the first time, it’s best to do it the moment it is received. This is because moldavite is more powerful when it’s kept on somebody’s person and activated.

If moldavite is stored and untouched for long periods, it will become weaker and won’t confer many of the benefits associated with the precious stone.

To first introduce moldavite to your body, you should first hold it in your palm and then place it upon your forehead while lying down. Then you can put it on your closed eyes, in any order, and on your chest or abdomen.

Wherever the moldavite is placed last, you should bring one of your hands over it and think about transferring your energy to activate the crystal.

Rules For Activating

Given the nature of moldavite and how we think it works, you start activating it the moment you first touch it. By ferrying the stone around your body, you are just making sure that the stone is fully activated and in-tune with your energies.

You must be in a place with sunlight when you activate your moldavite. Some prefer to talk to their moldavite too, as a form of meditation or because they believe the stone has a soul or a personality, and so communicating helps activation.

Like any other crystal, moldavite can also absorb negative energy from the environment. That’s why programming and re-energizing your moldavite is important. There are many different ways that people purge negative energies from their moldavite stones.

How To Cleanse & Activate

Removing negative energies from your moldavite is done in several ways. Choose whichever one is convenient for you.

First, you can use water to cleanse moldavite.

Being 15 million years old and entombed in the dank subterranean environments of Bohemia, the crystal has survived all sorts of temperature and humidity challenges. That means you cleansing it won’t cause any harm to the crystal, physically or energetically.

You can use running water as a quick way of purging negative energy, though water from more natural sources is thought to do a better job. This is because you’re introducing moldavite back to its natural surroundings, where we found it hundreds of years ago on the banks of rivers.

Use seawater if you can, or just use sea salt in regular tap water if natural saltwater isn’t available or convenient for you.

Alternatively, you can place the moldavite under the rain for approximately 12 hours. You can also place it on the bank of a lake or a river so that the waters from these natural sources wash over the stone.

Secondly, introducing moldavite to other natural elements like earth will also help purge the material. If you have access to healthy, earthly soil that is capable of sustaining life, you can use that to cleanse your moldavite too.

Bury your moldavite in the soil (marking it, so you can find it later!) and then leave it for 12 hours or overnight.

Another way to purge bad energy is to burn sage. You’ve probably heard this one before, it’s popular for removing negative energies in all circumstances, including moldavite cleansing.

Burning sage, basil, or lavender should work. You can also keep complementary stones like carnelian and quartz, which are thought to draw and reciprocate energies with moldavite.

Walking with moldavite or using sound bowls are also used to energize moldavite.

Lastly, using the sunlight and the moonlight can cleanse and re-energize your moldavite. Sunlight cleanses if moldavite is left under the sun for a few hours, preferably on a hotter day.

It also charges the crystal. When the crystal can be re-energized, you can then place it under the moonlight to recharge. It’ll charge better when the moon is full.

How To Program Moldavite

When trying to achieve our goals, programming them into precious crystals can help. It’s an exercise in mindfulness that allows you to properly imagine and anticipate your future goals while also sharing that ambitious energy with the crystal, so it’s in-tune with your wants and desires.

You can do this through meditation where you hold the moldavite in the palm of your hand. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, preferably somewhere with no distractions, and then imagine your goal.

Visualize your desires coming true in a realistic and achievable way, nothing miraculous. Some repeat a mantra like “I dedicate this crystal to (your chosen goal.)” Those who use a name for their crystal should use that instead.