Learn How to Use Celestite Crystals

Celestite crystals are also referred to as Celestine. These crystals are found inside geodes and are formed from the mineral strontium sulfate. The crystals can be a range of colors, including white, green, gray, yellow, orange, blue, and brown. You will occasionally find celestite crystals along with amethyst or clear quartz. 

The root of the name comes from the Latin coelestis which means celestial or heavenly. This is believed to be due to the pale blue color that is reminiscent of the sky. It means that this crystal is strongly associated with the angels and divine realms. 

It is a hugely flammable substance when in powdered form. For this reason, it is often found as a red coloring in fireworks. 

Where are they from?

The crystal was first discovered in 1799 by a man called A.G. Werner. It has been found in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Egypt, Libya, Madagascar, Italy, Germany, Poland, Peru, and the UK. 

Modern celestite crystals are mostly harvested from Madagascar and tend to be a pale gray-blue hue. If you find a crystal that appears more of a blue-white, it is likely from the Lake Erie area of the United States. 

Celestite crystals a Learn re believed to be associated with the planets Neptune and Venus. The zodiac sign associated with the crystals is Gemini, and the element is wind. 

What is their spiritual significance?

The celestite crystals are closely linked to the third eye and crown chakras in the body. They can help to open and align the two, meaning that you will be more spiritually aware. Many people note that they have incredibly lucid and vivid dreams after bringing this crystal into their life. 

Not only will your dreams be more lucid, but you will also have newfound clarity when it comes to their meanings. The dream world is very important. Many people believe that your dreams are your spiritual self entering a different realm to give you a deeper understanding of your day-to-day life. Nightmares are said to be eased in the presence of celestite crystals. 

It is believed that the more you work with celestite, the more control you will have over your dreams. The vibrations emitted by celestite crystals are very calming. They are said to cool off hot-headed emotions and help you to maintain mental clarity. It is believed that the clarity gained will help you to make level-headed decisions with your head, not your heart. 

Celestite is also believed to help your spirit ascend to a new realm where divine beings are. This space is where you will be able to contact your spirit guides and receive healing from them. It is also said to enhance your psychic abilities.

How do you use them?

It is advised to keep your celestite crystals close to your bed. This will make its energy easier to channel and help you along your spiritual journey. It can also be used in this location to improve the quality of your sleep. This is particularly seen if you have a stressful job and struggle with switching off at the end of the day. 

As you get into bed to go to sleep, grab a pen and a small sheet of paper. Hold your crystal in one hand and close your eyes. Try to visualize your energy aligning with the crystal as you do this, feeling the connection between you grow. 

Write an affirmation for sleep on your paper. As you feel the crystal in your hand, think of what is troubling you or preventing you from relaxing. Your affirmation should reflect this. An example would be “I am calm, I am at peace with the world, I am ready to recharge my soul, body, and brain with positive energy”. 

Fold up the sheet of paper and place it on your nightstand with the celestite on top. Hold your hands over the crystal and repeat your affirmations out loud. As you say the words, visualize them coming true and how you will feel.

If you wish to channel the energy in your daily life, we advise placing a large celestite crystal on your desk. Alternatively, you could carry a smaller celestite crystal with you in your handbag or pocket. 

You can also use your celestite crystals during meditation sessions. To do this, just hold the cleansed crystal in your hand or your lap as you meditate. 

How do you cleanse and charge celestite crystals?

To see a comprehensive list of ways to cleanse your crystals properly, click here. It is important to cleanse your crystals after a new person has touched them, if it has been a while since you last did, or if you just get a gut feeling that you should. They can absorb negative energies from their surroundings so cleansing is vital to restore their natural energy.

Once cleansed, your crystals should be charged to restore their natural high vibrations. The easiest way to do this is to place your crystals in the path of direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. 

Charging your crystals in the sun will instill them with positive and life-affirming energies. The moonlight will give your crystals a more perceptive and intuitive kind of energy. You can also choose to leave your crystals out for 24 hours, allowing them to soak in the energy of both astral beings. 

Many people choose to charge their crystals during the full moon. This is because the full moon symbolizes new beginnings and has a much more powerful effect. 

What crystals should I use with celestite?

Amethyst and clear quartz are good to use if you wish to increase your intelligence and perception. This combination will help if you are seeking mental clarity.

Opal and pearls are known to improve your emotional intelligence. Combine these crystals with caution as they can provoke incredibly strong emotional reactions. You may notice yourself becoming more attuned to the emotions of others, which can be very overwhelming to many people.