Protection Stones and Crystals Every Traveler Needs to Pack

Whether you are a nervous traveler looking for something that will keep you calm, or whether you are looking for some extra protection for your travels, you have come to the right place. Here are 6 of my favorite crystals to protect every traveler. 

Black tourmaline 

Black tourmaline is one of the most protective crystals we have on this earth. If you have read our article about home cleansing and clearing negative energy, then you will be well aware of just how fantastic this little stone is at protecting our homes, our energy, and our vibes. 

It is associated with the root chakra and so it is very grounding. This means it is great to help calm you if you are a nervous traveler who gets affected by the energies of other people. 

Y’know those fellow passengers who are always stressing and complaining at the smallest inconveniences, or those drivers that get road rage? 

Well, black tourmaline helps to ensure that their negativity never reaches you. You can rest assured that black tourmaline will act as a sponge and soak it all up to ensure you don’t feel it. 

Think of black tourmaline as your bodyguard, protecting you on your travels and ensuring you are always safe, grounded, and calm, as well as dissipating the negative energy around you. 

It is said to be especially helpful if you wear it on the left side of your body, so wear a black tourmaline ring on your left hand or carry a piece in your left pocket. 

This is because energy enters the aura from the left and the black tourmaline will ensure no negative energy enters you before you travel. 

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is yet another crystal that is renowned for its grounding properties. This is particularly important when you are traveling, especially via air travel since you cannot physically be on the ground. 

Use smoky quartz if you are a nervous traveler who is ultra observant about the goings-on around them. It will help to calm you so that you are not obsessively searching for things that could go wrong. 

Like black tourmaline, it is also great at soaking up negative energy from those around you such as fellow travelers or even friends and family who may be feeling uneasy about your travels. It fosters good vibes, positive energy, and helps you to feel secure and safe. 

It is also a great stone to use if you feel uneasy about traveling to a new place because it can help you to feel more clarity towards places and situations. 


Hematite is the ideal stone for travelers who are feeling a little overwhelmed. Ever been to a new place and get suddenly bogged down by how different the culture is, the public transport system, and how huge the place seems? 

Well, hematite is your guiding light during these times as it is very good at helping to ground you. 

You should use hematite on your travels when you start to feel a little frazzled. It will remind you to remain calm and stay grounded. It is said to be especially good for turbulent times in your life. 

As such, you could take this a step further and use it on a flight to help ward off turbulence or to provide a helping hand if you do experience turbulence. 

It is also fiercely protective. What we mean by this is that hematite is a fantastic stone to use when you do not want to absorb negative energy in new places. 

When you enter a new place, whether that be on a small scale such as a hotel room or a big scale like a whole new city or even country, you are being exposed to new energy, not all of which is good. Hematite will stop this energy from interfering with your own. 


I often describe amethyst as being a tiny spa in your pocket. The reason for this is because of the calming vibes and energy it helps to foster. As I have said before, I recommend amethyst for almost everything, not on purpose as such, but because it is truly perfect for all needs. 

Amethyst can help to calm even the most nervous traveler. The energy it gives off is relaxing, content, and soothing. This makes it the perfect choice of crystal for nervous flyers or travelers in general. 

It has also been used for centuries as a stone to ward off thieves when traveling, meaning it is also a protective stone as well as being very calming. It can repel negative energy and help to protect you from the evil eye. 

This natural stress reliever will give you a sunny disposition, even if the place you are traveling to has torrential rain!. 

You can even keep some next to your bed in your hotel to help you sleep (after all, it can be difficult to sleep in a new place). It naturally calms you to bring on sleep and promotes a good rest, too which is much-needed when traveling. 


As one of my personal favorite stones, Labradorite is one of the most powerful tones in my repertoire.

I use labradorite to protect myself spiritually, especially when doing chakra work. It opens up the third eye chakra and protects you whilst doing so. With this in mind, it is not surprising to find out that it links to intuition. 

Trusting your intuition is a very important thing for all aspects of your life, but especially when you travel. Labradorite will help you to trust that gut feeling you may have about situations and may help you to make safe decisions. 

It can also help you to go after what you want on your travels, and may even encourage you to take the leap to start traveling in the first place. It can help to show you that there is light even in the most stressful situations, making it a great stone to have on hand if you are experiencing a stressful travel situation such as delays. 

You could even use labradorite at night to help you sleep. It is meant to encourage positive dreams, sound sleeping, and rest. This means you should wake up feeling relaxed and with a new positive outlook on life. 


This stone is said to be connected to the Archangel Raphael who is the Patron of Traveling. Raphael is said to have a green aura, and malachite is representative of this. As such, malachite is actually thought of as the guardian stone for travelers, and so it is a popular choice of crystal for most travelers. 

It is particularly good if you are someone who fears travel, particularly flying. It can help to calm your fears and help you to think rationally, encouraging you to be responsible for your own actions only, this, in turn, allows you to take a seat back and keep the things you can’t control out of your mind. 

It is also said to help to protect you, especially from things such as accidents and physical danger. The reason for this is because of the pattern on the malachite. This pattern resembles an eye shape, and so it is thought that this symbolizes something watching over you to protect you from harm’s way.